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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weekly Chase...Another Half, Homework, and Tennis!

I know you are all wondering about our camping trip this weekend. Don't worry...I took tons of pics and will share them with you all tomorrow!

But today it's time for The Weekly Chase! I link up every week with Melissa at Live, Love, and Run for this post and I love it! You should join us!!!

Here are my goals from last week and how I did:

  • Goal #1: Continue to do my homework for my Bible Study as well as read Hayden's bible verse each night with him. 50% done! I did my homework but failed to do Hayden's bible reading with him. Sawyer got sick the day of my half and didn't go back to school until Wednesday. Having a sick child gets the routine all out of wack!
  • Goal #2: Get all my runs in...because marathon training has officially begun! DONE! Like I mentioned last week, I only had a goal to run twice...a short run and then my long run. I tried to give my body some recovery time from that hard half. My short run was awesome and my long run was hard...go figure! I also got in a 4.5 mile walk last week and that was awesome! But the fact that I did it the day before my long run could be the reason my long run was a struggle.
  • Goal #3: Every day do a wall sit and a plank. DONE! I even did this at the campsite!!! I planked in the tent (although it was only for 1 minute) and did a 1 minute wall sit in the bathroom! :-)
So here's my plan for this week:

Goal #1: Hydrate and fuel well for my 11th half marathon this weekend! Yes...I just did a half and now I'm doing another one. My marathon training calls for a 10-12 mile run this weekend so I'm going to run a half! Might as well get some bling for some of these training runs right??? :-)

Goal #2: Continue to do my homework for my Bible Study. :-) I didn't get to go to the bible study last week because I had to sub. I'm hoping this week I get to go. 

Goal #3: Attend my tennis class twice this week. Yes I started tennis lessons if you didn't read about it here. The classes are offered Tuesday-Thursday so I should be able to make two of them. I'm excited about it!!!

So that's it! This week...I have no subs jobs. I'm hoping I get some calls and can work at least one day this week. I found out from one of the parents at the campout this weekend that my name may not be listed on the sub sheet at the boys' school...although I went up there and gave them my info. She volunteers at the school and said they were getting the sub list together for the teachers and she didn't remember seeing my name on there. She's going to check for me this week. That could explain why no one is calling me from that school. :-/

On the other hand....I have tons of laundry to get caught up on from the weekend! Yuck! So even though I don't have any sub jobs this week I WILL be busy! 

QOTD: What are your goals for this week?



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