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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Summer Running Must Haves!

As a runner that lives on the Gulf Coast I know all about running in the heat and humidity of summertime! A lot of people stop running outside at this time of year. They will run inside on a treadmill or even stop running altogether until it gets cooler. But not me. I can't stop running...I'd miss it too much! So I've learned to deal with the heat and humidity. Here are a few of my must haves for running in the summer!

  • 1. Sunscreen. Sunscreen is very important in the summer! I use a sports sunscreen so it's not as greasy and is water resistant so the sweat doesn't make the sunscreen run in my eyes. I also make sure to apply it on areas where the sun hits the hardest like my shoulders and head. My hair has a natural part and the part gets sunburned very easily so I make sure to use tons of sunscreen there.
  • 2. Sunglasses. Protecting your eyes against the sun's harmful rays is important. Although they aren't as flattering, I wear sunglasses that give me a wide range of coverage. I don't want the sun to creep in through the sides. I also make sure they don't slip up and down on my face while I'm running. That's a pain having to keep pushing your sunglasses up while you are running! (My hubby doesn't like these sunglasses on me by the way!)
  • 3. Cool Running Clothes. You all know my favorite clothes to run in...running skirts! I wear them year round (I just add tights underneath them in the winter). In the summer they are the perfect bottoms to run in! They are cool and they wick away the sweat! (Use the code roadrunnerskirt for 15% off)! I also run in tanks in the summer. My new favorite tank this summer is this mesh one from Under Armour! It keeps me so cool!
  • 4. Sweat Wicking Socks. There's nothing worse than running and feeling like your feet can't breathe. The right socks in the summertime is super important. I need my feet to be able to breathe as well as for the sweat to be wicked away so I don't get blisters. My favorite socks are Swiftwick's Sustain Zeros!
  • 5. Hydration Belt or Hand Held Bottle. Hydration is key in the heat and humidity. I make sure to always hydrate well before my runs during the summer. I normally don't wear a hydration belt for runs shorter than 7 miles. But in the summer I wear one if I am running over 4 miles. I've never used a hand held water bottle but several of my friends use it and love it! The key is to make sure you hydrate more in the heat.

And one more running must have....a swimming pool to serve as an ice bath after your run!!! ;-) Ok, so it's not a must have but it is oh so nice!

QOTD: What is one running must have for you in the summer?



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