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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bokos Sandals Review!

Disclaimer: Bokos sent me this product free to review through my ambassadorship with Girls Gone Sporty. I received no other compensation. All opinions in the post below are mine and mine alone!

Living here on the Gulf Coast, I am definitely a sandals and flip flops gal! We can wear them almost all year round! So when I got the opportunity to review a new pair...I got super excited! And I love supporting small and new businesses (Huma Chia Energy Gel, BAMR Bands, Kindrunner) so this one was right up my alley! 

Introducing Bokos

What's unique about these sandals? 
  • They can get dirty, smelly, wet, hot, and cold...and you can wash them and they'll be as good as new!
  • They are made using non-porous rubber material that is designed for strength and durability. They can withstand normal wear and tear plus life's most demanding activities! The rubber material helps block out dirt and keep the sandals clean.
  • They are anti-slip. I hate when I get a pair of flip flops wet and they are so slippery that it feels like I'm going to fall. 
  • They are easy to clean. Just wash them in the sink with soap and water and they're good to go!
  • They are anti-odor. Have you ever worn a pair of shoes to the point where they stink? These don't do that! Yay!

How were Bokos born? Here's the story on their website

"Bokos was created by two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending time overseas, they returned to the United States with sandals styled similarly to Bokos. The unique design and material made for a durable, easy to clean, and fun to wear sandal.
The founders began wearing these sandals everywhere. Around the campsite, after mountain biking, hosting barbecues, and everything in between. Soon, friends and family (and often, strangers) started asking how they could get a pair - to wear to the beach, after a workout, or just to wear around the house.
It was then that Bokos was born.
We created Bokos for people like us, people like you. People with too much to do and not enough time.
Whether you're a camper, cyclist, hiker, surfer, shopper, or gardener, Bokos are made to keep up. The one-piece design gives superior durability and versatility and makes Bokos easy to clean, anti-odor and anti-slip. 
From your gym bag to your camping gear, your front closet to your back porch, we're confident that wherever your Bokos end up, they will soon become your new favorite sandals."

 Bokos come in a variety of, pink, melon, blue, military green, grey, and navy blue. And they are not just for women...they are for men too!

They are also very reasonably priced...only $16.00 a pair! 

I chose a black pair so that they would match everything. I have my eye on a pink pair though! 

The sandals were super comfy! They felt great on my feet after running! I can see these going into my race bag come race season! I wore them to the pool and LOVED them! It didn't matter if they got wet. And when they were wet they didn't slip on my feet!

I also wore these outside after it had rained and they got a little mud on them. I brought them in and washed them in the easy! And they are clean again!

I really wish they had these in kid sizes! They would be perfect for my boys for the summer! Hint, Hint Bokos!!! ;-)

If you're looking for the perfect sandal for the summer...I highly recommend Bokos! And Matt (one of the owners) has kindly offered a discount code to save you 20% off! That would make your pair of Bokos only $12.80! Super cheap for a good pair of sandals! Use the code ROAD to receive your 20% off! :-)

QOTD: Have you ever heard of Bokos? What do you think?



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