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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guest Post...Food Prep!

Hey readers! I'm Kat over at Sneakers & Fingerpaints just here writing a guest post to help our Mindy while she enjoys some R & R!

Being busy gals with kids (in my case a pug), jobs, errands, studying, eating, EVERYTHING can be a bit tricky especially when you're trying to live the FIT and HEALTHY life!

It's never easy - don't get me wrong. But it's all equally as important for us to somehow tackle and tackle well. A main area that tends for be a challenge for me weekly is MEAL PLANNING.

I'll spell it out a bit: I work a full time job (mid shift between 10-7pm usually), am studying for my CPT exam, have been training for half marathons and will be training for a marathon starting next month, working out almost daily, making sure to be a good wifey, cooking and eating smart, snuggling my pug...SHEW!


I've learned from my pal Lindsay at that it takes a day of meal "prep" - namely Sunday Food Prep time - to get it done to make the rest of the week a breeze!

I can't take credit for many of the foods I make as I get ideas from Pinterest, blogs, instagram - why recreate the wheel?

Typically, my husband and I do our grocery shopping every Saturday (more than likely every OTHER Saturday of the pay week) and try to stick to the local vegetable stand as well as the grocery store. From there, I can plan meals or 'food items'. My goal is to have small pieces of meal puzzles that each of us can put together during the week for either breakfast, lunch or dinner since we're almost always on the go.

Items we regularly make are:
*Protein muffins (1 recipe link is below) made with either protein and another component or egg whites mixed with vegetables and/or meat
*Meat patties (chicken, grass-fed beef, etc.)
*Guacamole and salsa (as toppings or dips or spreads)
*Cut-up fruit (snacks, shake additions)
*Quinoa or rice (to make meals)
*Hard-boiled eggs (to just eat or make egg-salad)
*Veggies (roasted or raw to dip and add to meals or have as snacks)

The list can go on!

My biggest tip: Make lots of smaller meal items to piece together.

A meal doesn't have to be cooked right before it's eaten and done every, single day. We both understand that we have our busy days, can snack a lot and make up meals, and also have our meals out as well.

I've learned along the way that that you want to eat the best you can using what you have. So, if you have healthy eats on hand, you're more likely to succeed at the game of healthy eating ;)


Thanks so much Kat for this post!!!Be sure to check out Kat's amazing blog Sneakers and Fingerpaints

QOTD: Do you food prep? 



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