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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Visit to the Florida Caverns State Park!

One of our days this Spring Break we traveled with my husband's parents 2.5 hours away to Marianna, Florida. We went to visit the Florida Caverns! My husband and I visited there 14 years ago on our honeymoon but haven't been back since. I was super excited for my boys to tour the cave! I knew they would love it! Here are some pictures from our cave tour! After the tour we took a 20 minute hike through the Hardwood Forest. We had so much fun!

The boys in front of the statue of the workers that dug out the cave!

Heading down into the cave! It was amazing how the temperature dropped! Inside the cave it is 65 degrees year round!

There was a tiny bat at the entrance of the cave! He was so cute!

We weren't allowed to touch anything in the cave because it damages it. But they did have one stalactite (or stalagmite) that we could touch!

It was a really fun day trip! The boys thought the cave was super cool! And all the adults did too! ;-)

QOTD: Have you ever been inside a cave?



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