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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Log Off Shut Down Go Run Virtual 10K Recap!

Disclaimer: As a Gone For a Run ambassador I was given a complimentary race entry. No other compensation was received. All opinions are mine alone.

This past weekend I ran a virtual race by! You may remember me telling you about it a few weeks ago.

My friend Jenny was going to run with me. The night before the run the forecast was calling for rain. So I was prepared to run in the rain. Around 5 AM I was woken up by a thunderstorm....and a tornado watch. We were planning to run at 6:30 AM. I quickly looked at the radar and it looked like the rain would be gone by then. So I attempted to get a little more sleep before I had to get up. Of course I couldn't sleep anymore! Finally the alarm went off. I got ready and headed out...into a thick, humid, and hot morning. I knew those conditions were going to make it a tough run. But I was excited to run with a friend.

I met Jenny at her house. I wanted a different route than from my house since I run that 6 times a week! Jenny's route was an out and back route in the country!

Of course we needed a post run picture of our non sweaty selves! (Thanks to Jenny's sweet husband Eric for taking all our pictures for us!)

We started our run and right away it was hard to breathe. Plus it was windy. We wouldn't have to endure the wind until we turned around to come back home. None of that stopped us from talking, laughing, and smiling the entire time!

And we had great scenery as well! Who doesn't love running next to a cow pasture?! (And yes...I know I was supposed to "log off" but I couldn't resist one mid run picture...please forgive me!)

Before long we had made it to our turn around point. We headed back into the wind. By mile 4 I was pretty much done. I was so ready for the run to be over. Luckily Jenny kept my mind off of it and we conquered those 6.2 miles!

We had done it! It was a tough run in the 100% humidity! We were drenched with sweat!

That's our "You so stinky" faces! Lol!

And of course being the awesome friend that she is...Jenny awarded me with my medal! :-)

After the run we recovered the best way we know how...with coffee of course! And since we had just run 6.2 miles we totally deserved the big one! ;-)

It was a super fun way to start off my Saturday!

Be sure to check out the next virtual race that is offering...Bad Ass Runner Virtual 5 Mile Race! This one is May 29- May 31!

QOTD: Do you like to run virtual races?



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