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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Road Trip!

Well as most of you know, me and my boys evacuated for Hurricane Isaac.  We headed to Tennessee with my friend Stephanie and her three kids.  We left Sunday afternoon when the storm looked like it was heading straight towards us.  It may have been a little early to leave since they hadn't even closed schools yet but we wanted to beat the traffic.  I was a little uneasy about leaving when I didn't know for sure about school but I felt like it was the right thing to do.  On the way there we got the call that school was closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  That made me feel a lot better about our decision to leave.  Fortunately, the storm made a turn west and here at home we only got a lot of rain and wind (that we are still feeling today). Although I am glad our home is safe....I so feel for the people in Mississippi and Louisiana where the storm went.  Such devastation.  I am praying for all these people and I know you are too.

So our evacuation turned into a mini vacation!  We stayed at Stephanie's in-laws' house and they were so nice and so awesome for letting us come and invade their house!  Not only was it me and my boys and Stephanie and her kids....but another one of our friends Michelle arrived on Monday with her three kids!  So we had a total of 4 adults, 8 kids, and 5 dogs in the house those 3 days!!!  Crazy!  But the kids all had a blast!  They got to "swim" in the hot tub (the water wasn't hot) which they LOVED!

They got to eat watermelon, have a bonfire, and see fireflies for the very first time!!!  They thought the fireflies were sooo awesome!!!

We also got to go to a pool at the town's rec center and swim.  Hayden got to jump off the diving board for the first time!  Hate I couldn't get a picture of it!  Our friend Michelle who came to stay was her little girl Hannah's 11th birthday!  We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant and she had some birthday fun there!

Stephanie's mother-in-law had bubbles for all the kids!  They of course had a blast with these!

On the way there I didn't get to take pictures of the mountains because it was dark when we got there.  I took TONS on the way home though!  I LOVE the mountains and although we didn't get to go hiking it is a definite must next time we go there!

The kids were in awe of the mountains and the side of the road where you could see rock!  My kids have never seen's pretty flat and coastal where we are.

Such beautiful scenery!!!

It was really weird to me that they had "runaway truck ramps" for the big diesel case they were going too fast coming down the mountain they could use these to slow themselves down!  Luckily, we didn't see any trucks having to use these.

As you can see I took so many pictures as we were driving!  It was just sooo beautiful and majestic!  Of course the pictures don't do it justice!

This was a bridge I saw from the road as we were coming into Chattanooga.  I learned later that it is a walking bridge!  (Running for me lol)

Sawyer's best friend Sophie moved to Chattanooga last Christmas.  So of course we had to stop to see her on our way home! Sawyer and Sophie have been best friends since they were babies!  It was one of the toughest days as a mom when Sophie had her goodbye party and Sawyer had to say goodbye to her.  He cried and cried and it broke my heart!  Luckily, Sophie came and graduated Pre-K with Sawyer and their class in May and she got to stay overnight at our house for one of the nights she was here.

They were so excited to see each other!!!

And I was sooo excited to see Sophie's mom, Stephanie!  I've missed her sooo much!!!

Here I am with my two Stephanie's!!!  Yes two of my best friends are named Stephanie!!!  :-)

I told you we had a ton of kids with us!!!!  They were all excited to be visiting Sophie and her new and gorgeous house in Chattanooga!!!

Always have to have a goofy pic with my children lol!

 Sophie held Sawyer's hand and walked him out to the car when it was time to leave.  So sweet!!!

It was sooo great to see our friends in Chattanooga!

I ate way too much yummy food while in Tennessee so I've got to get back on track.  I took my running clothes and shoes but never got the opportunity to run.  So I missed one of my runs for this week.  I DID do my burpees and planks every day though!  I just went to the privacy of my bedroom there to do them! :-)

Even though the hurricane didn't come our way, I am thankful we evacuated because we got a mini vacation out of it AND got to see Stephanie and Sophie!  It made it all worth it!  When we got home last night the boys cried because they had so much fun and didn't want it to end.  Back to reality!

Thanks Stephanie for letting us road trip to Tennessee with you!!!  We had a blast!!!

QOTD: Do you prefer mountains or the beach?



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