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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Running On A Prayer

I am so excited about our first Sweat Pink Blog Swap!  One of my Sweat Pink sisters, Katie at Healthy Heddleston, came up with the idea for us to swap posts with a fellow Sweat Pink sister.  Basically I would write a post for that sister's blog and she would write a post for mine and all the Sweat Pink blog posts  would link up on Katie's blog!  Fun!
Cute badge is by Tiffany...thanks for sharing!

I was lucky enough to get paired with Tiffany Henness, aka Running Hutch, who blogs at Heavy Medal! It was a perfect match because we are both runners!
You can check out my post on Tiffany's blog HERE.  And please visit Katie's blog to read ALL the Sweat Pink Blog Swap posts!
Here is Tiffany's awesome post!!!  Please leave her lots of love in the comments!  :-)
It was well past sunset and the road in front of me was a dark void amidst the distant glow of streetlights below. I was running on a bike path built on top of a damn wall above and removed from the city streets. If I looked up and outward my eyes adjusted to the lights beyond the park and I felt like I was outside the world, looking in. If I looked down toward the path ahead, my eyes could barely make out the white lines. My husband and I ran side by side in complete silence and there was no one else around. Barely listening to the rhythm of our steps and breath, we were focused on our own thoughts. I was thinking and dreaming of things that rarely enter my mind.
I thought about my place in the world and how in-touch I am with the world God created, the natural and spiritual side of it. The spiritual world is not something I claim to know about or think much about, but as a Christ follower, I do believe that it exists (as do many people of other faiths). More often than not, I'm preoccupied with the physical world. Running requires moving my body, and I'm very well aware of how heavy it feels and sweaty it gets. Then I get hungry and I want to eat something hearty. Then I shower and enjoy the feel of clean clothes on my happily sore body.
This run was different. I had no distractions. I prayed and I breathed. I recognized God’s greatness and my smallness. I imagined how many amazing and crazy things God had created that I couldn’t possible know about or understand. Did God design my body and soul to be active at the same time? What would that even mean or look like? Can running be an act of worship? I don’t know, but I was thinking and dreaming about the possibilities.
On this dark run, I felt like my physical side and spiritual side were closer together somehow. I closed my eyes for a while (still running) and imagined my soul floating with my body as my legs propelled it forward. I know God created my body and soul to work together, somehow, and in this moment, it seemed like they were. It was one of the most calm and yet joyful runs I’ve ever had. Some might call it zen-like. I felt like I could go on forever.
Do you connect your running with your faith? If so, how?
Do you pray when you run? Meditate? Have you tried it? 



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