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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Power Plank Challenge WINNER!

Hey friends!  First I want to say a special thank you to Holly at Running and Baking Oh My for co-hosting this challenge with me and providing the awesome prize!  And I also want to thank all of YOU who participated!!!  This challenge was so much fun!  Yes....I participated too...although I wasn't eligible to win the prize (insert sad face here).  So I know you want to know the winner but first I'm going to make you read all about MY experience with the challenge.  :-)

I had decided from the start that I wanted to do at least one minute planks.  I knew I probably wouldn't be able to do two minutes or more so one minute or more was my goal.  Also, the challenge was for 8 hours but some of my plank a day tweeps (twitter friends) decided they wanted to do it for 12 hours.  Aren't you glad I didn't make YOU do it for that long???  ;-)  So 12 hours was my other goal!  And me and my tweeps decided to all do the challenge together on Monday.  Luckily, I am a teacher and have the summers off so I didn't have to work.  And we didn't have any plans that day either so I could plank at home!  We did have a T-Ball game that I was going to have to plank during but it got rained out.  So I was pretty lucky to be able to plank in the privacy of my home unlike some of you!  It was a lot of fun though because I got my two boys involved!  They planked with me on some of the planks!  And they took the pictures for me!  I planked all over the the bedrooms, in the living room, in the dining room, in the kitchen, and in the backyard!  Fun stuff!

I also LOVED all the twitter and Instagram encouragement from all of YOU!  Y'all seriously ROCK!

Here's the final pic with all 8 of my times for the official challenge!  Yay!  I made my one minute goal!

And here's the pic of my four other planks for the 12 hour challenge!

Yes the planks got a little harder as the day wore on!  But I could also feel the plank working my core and I LOVED that!  That IS why I'm doing these planks after get my core stronger so that I can be a better runner!

Here are some of my favorite planking pictures throughout the day!

And here are some of my favorite planking pictures from YOU!  (Hope you don't mind that I'm sharing!)

Wanda (Larisa's Mom)!

I had so much fun seeing all of your planking pics!!!  And I LOVED the creative ways you put all of your planking times together too!  

I know, I are ready to know the winner!  My boys wanted to help so I let them pick the name out of a hat!  You'll need to watch the video to see the winner!  

And the WINNER is......

@amaelibir!!!!  Amalia from Live, Travel, Eat, and Run!!!  Congratulations Amalia!!!!  Please contact Holly on twitter or by email so she can get started on your tank!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!!!

QOTD: What's the longest time you've ever held a plank?



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