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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sweating...Is it GOOD for you?

I sweat...A LOT!  Yes it's true!  I may even sweat worse than a man.  It's kind of ridiculous and kind of embarassing.  So after my 11 mile run this morning I was wringing the water sweat out of my running skirt!  That's a lot of sweat!  And it happens every time I run long.  I look like I've just stepped out of the shower with all my clothes on!  I guess sweating is good for you?  One of the ladies I run with said it gets all the toxins out of your body.  With how much I sweat there should be NO toxins left in my body lol!

So I did some research (what did we ever do without Google) and found out that sweat IS GOOD for you!  Yay!!!  Here are some benefits to sweating that I found on Fitday:

When you sweat, you breathe faster, your heart works more, your circulation improves and your metabolism accelerates, all in an effort to resume your normal body temperature. Because your circulation is increased during sweating, many of the toxins and impurities are able to exit your body by way of your open skin pores. This is a good reason to exercise to the point of sweating or to sit in a steam room regularly.
Your skin also benefits from sweating. Your skin pores open and any dirt or impurities on the surface layers of the skin have a chance to exit. Sweating regularly, if followed by proper cleansing, will help you to achieve softer and smoother skin.
It is believed that the immune system also benefits from sweating. When your body heats up, your body generates more white blood cells. This strengthens your immune system.

Sounds good to me!  I'm all for an increase in metabolism, toxins escaping from my body, softer and smoother skin, and a better immune system!!!  Now I don't feel so bad that I am a sweaty beast after running!  I'm helping my body out!!! :-) So yay for sweat!  #SweatPink!

This morning I ran 11 miles with the Sole2Soul Sisters!  These ladies just amaze me every week!  They are doing soooo great!!!! I can't believe we are only 5 weeks away from our race!!!

The run was great this morning!  I got to run the whole thing with my SweatPink (and Sole2Soul) Sister Holly from Running and Baking, Oh My!  She really helped me keep going...and stay on pace!  Especially during that last mile...whew it was tough!  We've decided we will be pace partners from now on!!! :-)

I'm so thankful to have great friends to run with...and that don't mind my sweaty self lol! ;-)

QOTD: Do you sweat a lot?  Or are you one of those people who barely glistens?



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