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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things Are About to Change...

With school starting back up in 11 days (yes I'm counting) things are about to change around here.  Do I like change?  Sometimes.  Sometimes not.  Change can be scary.  Change can be good.  Change can be something that you know needs to happen but may not always want to happen.

One baby is starting Kindergarten!  I still see him as this always smiling "baby Sawyer!"

But he has grown into such a sweet boy with the most awesome personality!  You can't help but smile and laugh every time you are around him!

With both my kids in school it will be very different around here.  See....I have ALWAYS been with them from the time they were born.  I was a stay at home mom until my oldest Hayden was two and Sawyer was three months old.  Then I worked at my church's preschool...and the kids went with me.  So they were always in my sight.  It was super hard when Hayden went to Kindergarten because I didn't know what he was doing for 7 hours, if anyone was being mean to him, how he was feeling, if he was hungry, etc. And now I'm going to face that with Sawyer too.  Man it's hard to be a mom!!!  :-)

On the positive side...I'm looking forward to having some time to myself!  I'm looking forward to going grocery shopping without two little kids.  I'm looking forward to having more time to go to the gym (it's hard now because my gym doesn't have childcare).  I'm looking forward to having lunch dates with friends without two kids in tow!

Another change I'm facing is a job change.  I went to college to be a teacher.  I taught third grade for two years before I quit to start my family.  After the boys were born....I focused on them.  I chose a job where they could come with me.  Luckily, that job was still in my career field...I still got to teach.  But now that they are going to both be in school...I am ready to focus a little more on me.  I'm ready to start my career again.  I'm ready to be an elementary school teacher again.  But it's not easy to be a teacher in my county.  There aren't a lot of teaching jobs out there.  So I'm going to start by substitute teaching.  That way I can get my foot in the door and get to know some of the principals so that one day when a teacher position becomes available, hopefully I will have a better chance of getting the job.  I've also got to work on getting my teaching certificate renewed in my state.  And they are not making it easy for me...I'm going to have to take three standardized tests and maybe even some college courses.  So this year is going to be about renewing my certificate as well as subbing to network.  

And...I will admit that I am a little scared!  I'm worried that I won't get enough subbing jobs to help pay the bills.  I'm worried I won't have the extra money for tests and college courses.  But I'm going to put my trust in God because I believe that He has lead me in this direction and He will provide.

QOTD: Do you have any big changes happening in your life?  How do you deal with change?

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