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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Weekly Chase...Burpees, Business Cards, and Sale!

For those of you who are wondering....I DID get to run 7 miles yesterday morning!  And the weather was perfect!  The rain brought in a cold front so it was 68 degrees when I was running!!!  Awesome run!

It's time for The Weekly Chase!  If you haven't gone to Melissa's site and checked this it!!!  :-)  It's a post I look forward to writing every week!  And I also love reading your Weekly Chase posts too!

Here are the goals I chased last week:

  • Goal #1: Write my Sweat Pink Blog Swap post.  DONE!!!  I even got it done a day early! :-)
  • Goal #2: Start the Burpee Boom Challenge.  Yep! Yep!!!  I did a total of 115 burpees this week!!!  Yay!
  • Goal #3: Clean out my and the boys' closets. 50% of this got done.  I cleaned out the boys' closets but still have to clean out mine.  
So was a pretty successful week I think!

Here are the goals for this week:

Goal #1: Continue the Burpee Boom Challenge.  The goal is to do 150 burpees this week!  Yikes!!!

Goal #2: Get my business cards and sub info to the schools this week.  I need to go to the schools I want to sub at and put my name on their sub list and give them business cards to hand out to the teachers.

Goal #3: Clean out my closet and get everything priced for the consignment sale.  My friend Stephanie is supposed to help me price everything to sell!  My dining room is a huge mess with all the things I hope to sell! The plan is to hopefully make enough money to be able to pay for Hayden to go to karate.  He wants to take karate so bad but it's super expensive.

So there's my goals!!!  I hope to be 100% successful this week!!!

Don't forget to enter my Bondi Band giveaway!  It ends on Tuesday at midnight CST!

QOTD: What are your goals for the week?



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