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Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Afternoon in Seaside!

Make sure you've read all about the Seaside School Half Marathon Expo and my recap of the race!

After the race I headed back to the house to shower and get warm! Then I relaxed on the couch with Coby and we exchanged race experiences. Unfortunately hers wasn't as good as mine because she had a foot injury. But she still finished and got her schwag!

After some more refueling and rehydrating we set out to explore Seaside! I wasn't leaving without stepping foot on the white sand beaches! I've been to Destin, FL before (not too far from Seaside) and the water is always gorgeous!!! We set out to walk toward the beach. One really cool thing about Seaside is all the entries to the beach. There are nine pavilions that take you to the beach...and each pavilion is different! I really wanted to explore all nine...but we only got to two.

We walked a little ways on the beach but it was super windy and very tiring on half marathon legs! I loved the perspective of seeing the houses from the beach!

We entered another pavilion to leave the beach. The water was just so pretty...even though I've seen it prettier. I just couldn't get enough! And I loved seeing all the sand dunes. The beaches near me are mostly flat now after several hurricanes have washed away the dunes.

After walking on the beach we did a little shopping in Seaside. I could spend all day shopping in all of their cute little shops! We may have also stopped for some ice cream! ;-)

On the way back to the house we took a detour. We went to see the house where the Jim Carey movie The Truman Show was filmed. I was so excited to see this house!!!! After walking down a few streets we finally found it!!! It was on Natchez Street!

The house's name is...surprise...The Truman House! The address is 31 Natchez Street but the owners left the house number from the movie...36...above the door.

Just to refresh your's the clip from the movie that shows Truman coming out of the house and saying his famous line! Yep! It's the same house!!! Pretty cool!

I fell in love with Seaside while I was there! The shops, the beach, the quaintness of the town, the was all amazing! And my hubby would love it! I definitely plan to come back!

QOTD: Have you ever seen The Truman Show? Have you visited any other towns like Seaside?



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