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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Heart is in Boston

I was so excited yesterday watching the live coverage of the Boston Marathon! I cheered on the elite runners from my computer as well as the runners and bloggers I knew that were running it. I saw Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher come in 4th and 6th place and then I turned off the live coverage and headed to school to sub.

At the end of the day I looked at my phone and saw numerous texts from friends telling me about the explosions at the finish line. My heart grew so heavy. I awaited anxiously of news of my friends that were there and if they were safe. Luckily everyone I knew was OK.

The only thing I know to do is PRAY. Pray for the runners, spectators, volunteers, workers and all others that were affected by this awful tragedy. What should have been a day of celebration turned out to be a day of horror. My heart goes out to Boston.

Today I am going to run after my week of recovery. I am going to run 4.09 miles (the time on the clock when the first bomb went off) in honor of Boston. I'm going to run for the victims and while I run I'm going to pray. 

The running community is also uniting and wearing a race shirt today in remembrance of those affected by the tragic events at the Boston Marathon. If you don't have a race shirt then you can wear the Boston Marathon colors of blue and yellow. 

We will NOT let this evil win! 

If you run for Boston today...please email me a picture and caption (can describe your feelings, how long you ran, etc) at I want to use them for tomorrow's blog post about runners uniting together to show our support. Please email me these no later than 9:00 PM CST. Thanks!

QOTD: Will you run for Boston today? Will you wear a race shirt today?



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