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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What A Legacy!

Thank you so much to everyone for all your kind words and condolences regarding Andy's grandmother! It makes it a little easier knowing she is up in heaven and is reunited with Andy's grandfather. Death is never easy but knowing that you will spend eternity in heaven makes it less grim. It helps knowing we will see her again one day!

Friday was her funeral. It was a wonderful service. Some of the family members made a slideshow of some of her paintings and pictures of her from all times of her life as well as pictures of the legacy she left behind. It was beautiful!

It was my boys' first funeral where they sort of understood what was going on. When Andy's grandfather died 6 years ago, Hayden was a year old and Sawyer wasn't born yet. I was a little unsure of how to handle the funeral with them. We just decided to be truthful with them. They had a lot of questions about her body and we just told them it was like she was sleeping and all the beautiful parts of her (like her laugh and singing and artistic abilities) were now in heaven. I think Hayden understood but not sure if Sawyer did. Hayden sat beside me during the funeral and broke down several times. It was hard to hear and see him cry like that but I know he needed to in order to grieve.

Looking through some of my pictures from the past I found a few of the boys and Grandmother Bobe. I remember she loved the boys! She loved holding them when they were babies. And she loved talking to them as they got older even though most of the time she couldn't hear them (she had hearing aids and had a hard time hearing at times). I'm so thankful the boys got to spend a little time with their Grandmother Bobe.

Hayden (only a few weeks old) and Grandmother Bobe.

Sawyer (about one month old) and Grandmother Bobe.

Hayden and Sawyer with Grandmother Bobe at our house on Christmas 2011.

Grandmother Bobe left behind quite a legacy! She had 3 sons and 1 daughter who have in turn had their own children and their children have had children! This weekend we all spent some quality time together celebrating Grandmother Bobe's life!

All of the extended family (minus a few that couldn't be there).

Us with my in-laws and sister-in-law and her hubby! My hubby has one more brother and his wife and son but unfortunately they didn't get to come. :-(

My boys and their Grandma and Papa (Andy's parents)!

My sweet boys!

My and Andy...the love of my life!

It was wonderful to see all the family and spend time with them. I think that Grandmother Bobe would have loved seeing us all together. I am sure she and Grandfather Bobe were smiling down on us from heaven!

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QOTD: How often do you get to see your extended family?



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