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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Weekly Chase #14

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was amazing! I got to run the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans with my friend Paige and some of my blogger friends! I will get a recap up for you soon. Then we had an awesome Easter morning at church and had some friends over for lunch and an egg hunt that afternoon.

Now it's time for another Weekly Chase! I love writing about my goals each week and having you hold me accountable for them! I hope you will link up with us this week!

Road Runner Girl

It's also a new month...which means a brand new challenge!!! And it's my turn to host the challenge! It's Springtime...which is a time of growth and change. So this month's challenge is called "Season of Growth!" I want you to think of one or two things in your life that you want to change or one or two ways you want to grow as a person. For example you may want to grow as a runner. You may want to get faster. So your challenge goal would be to incorporate speed work in your training to help you become a faster runner. Or you may want to change one of your eating habits. Your goal may be to add 2 more fruits and vegetables to your diet each day. You pick! Your challenge goal can be anything you like as long as it's about change and growth in an area of your life. 

Here are my goals from last week:

  • Goal #1: Get the guest bedroom organized (challenge goal). I started cleaning things out from under the bed but didn't completely finish. It was hard to be productive when the boys were home from school.
  • Goal #2: Read my Bible Devotional every day. 95%!!! I missed one day! 
  • Goal #3: Stretch and roll every day. 50%. I still need to work on this one.
  • Goal #4: Get in 3 runs this week. Yes! I had to be creative this week since I had my boys with me due to Spring Break. On Tuesday I ran 3 miles at the track while the boys biked. On Thursday the track was closed but I still got in 1 mile in the neighborhood while the boys bikes. And Saturday I ran 6.2 miles at the Crescent City Classic!
  • Goal #5: Make the boys' Spring Break as fun as possible. I'm not sure I did too well at this. We didn't really do anything fun except for the day we went to the track and another day when we went shopping for Easter clothes. The boys did have fun playing outside almost all day every day.
  • Goal #6: Clean the house. Yes!!! And I just LOVE a clean house!!!

So here are my goals for this week!

Goal #1: Be a better mom by spending at least 15 quality minutes with each son every day (challenge goal). I want to make sure my boys know how much I love them. As Moms we are so busy making sure the household is running that we often don't just sit down and enjoy time with our kids. They are only this young once. I am going to spend at least 15 minutes with each one of my boys every day...whether it be playing with Legos with Hayden or reading a book with Sawyer. I'm going to make the time this month!

Goal #2: Read my Bible devotional every day and grow in my relationship with God (challenge goal). I want to become closer to God because He is very important in my life. I can't grow closer if I don't spend time reading His word.

Goal #3: Stretch and roll every day. An important part of being a runner.

Goal #4: Get in 3 runs this week. I need to run 2 easy runs this week and then I have my next half marathon on Sunday!

Goal #5: Hydrate and fuel for my half marathon on Sunday. I need to make sure I drink plenty of water this week because it's supposed to be hot on Sunday. I also need to make sure I fuel my body for the race. 

So that's my plan for this week! 

QOTD: What are your goals this week? Did you have a good weekend?



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