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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Runners United for Boston

My heart is still so heavy thinking about what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday. All the stories coming out of everyone's experience is just breaking my heart. I am so thankful that everyone I knew that was there that day are all safe.

Like me I am sure there are so many of you out there that are brokenhearted over this. It has been amazing to see the unity of the running community. So many people are doing things to show their support....wearing race shirts and/or running in honor of Boston. This act will never stop us from running! In has made all of us more determined to RUN!

I wrote a request on Facebook and Twitter asking you to send me your pics and/or quotes from your run in honor of Boston. It is amazing how all of us runners can unite together! Here are those pics and quotes that you shared! Boston...we LOVE you and are there for you!

"The need to run was overwhelming. I ran 4.09 miles (the time on the race clock when the bombs went off) in honor of all those affected by the tragedy in Boston. I ran in silence and prayed for Boston. No one will keep me from doing what I love! My heart is in Boston. My hope and trust are in the Lord." -Mindy from Road Runner Girl

"I thought about the countless times he's been there at the finish - waiting for me to finish with open arms. I thought about those people who were just enjoying a day off rooting on runners. I thought about the runners who'd trained for countless months for this one big day. I thought about all of the people I knew there that I wanted to be sure were okay. I didn't know what to do. I thought and thought and thought - so, I ran. And I'll keep running." -Kat from Sneakers and Fingerpaints

"Best thing about my @lucy shirt...visible proof to me that I ran hard to honor those in Boston. This morning I nodded at every runner, biker and walker I passed, not everyone responded and that's ok, today is about giving out as much love as I can. Thanks to all of you who every day inspire and motivate me, who care for others and spread joy." -Amanda from Run to the Finish

"Yesterday I ran 6.5 miles for Boston last night after crying and being upset most of the afternoon. This morning I am repping a 10K half zip from a race I did last year with a local running store Charm City Run." -Lauren from Breathe Deeply and Smile

"26.2 minute run for the Boston Tragedy! I never run in silence, but today it is a silent run as I pray and seek God in this tragedy!" -Tricia from Tricia's Fit-Life

"My husband and I ran Monday night... He is not a runner anymore but used to be so we only did two miles. But they were with heavy yet hopeful hearts!" -Kayla from Fit Life Forward

"Sent you a screenshot of my run for Boston this morning." -Mike Carter

"Taking a little break to look around and take in the gorgeous day here in MA. Stringer and I ran this morning in honor and dedication of those affected by yesterday's tragedy." -Kyra from Get In Shape Girl

"I ran 4.12 miles in honor of the Boston Marathon today. I wore the first race shirt I ever received. I got teary a couple of times, but overall I felt really peaceful. I spent the last night and morning so sad and the run really brought me peace." -Aimee Price

"Ran near STL this morning with my Disney shirt from my first marathon ever. 1 mile at Boston pace 8:12. I probably won't qualify for Boston til I'm much older, but I've run 2 full marathons, many half marathons, and even more races less than the half distance, and I can't imagine the horror yesterday but the only thing to do, in my opinion, is to run. All we can do is continue to live our lives how we choose and refuse to let our lives be dictated by the actions of others. I will not be terrorized into not running, not in Boston, or anywhere." -Melanie Lindsay 

"Did my 4.09 this morning." -Karen from Losing the Glass Slippers

-Sarah from Running at Disney

"Love seeing runners unite!" -Melissa from Melissa Running It

"I wore my shirt today for Boston and will be heading out for some lunch time miles for Boston." -Carrie from Family Fitness Food

"We ran for Boston today." -Darlene from Freedom From Fibro

"From Kansas City." -Asjoerger

"This morning, I donned my Boston Athletic Association 5k shirt that I got on Saturday from the BAA 5k race that shares the Boston marathon finish line. I logged 4.6 miles." -Melissa Martin

"I went out in the cold rain and walked for those affected yesterday. I plan to walk or run each day at noon the rest of the week." -Shelley Allen

"6 miles with mile repeats for each previous life lost." -Marcia from Marcia's Healthy Slice

-Sheena from Sheena Bean

"5k for Boston at the gym early this morning!" -Katrina Rojas

"Returning from injury I was able to run 3.5mi. At mile 2, the wind picked up and the sky turned dark. The weather matched my mood quite nicely. At mile 3 the most beautiful thing happened: one clap of thunder and the sky opened up. Running in the rain somehow cleanses the soul and soothes the mind. The perfect ending to my solemn run." -Jamie from Rise Run Mom Repeat

"First run in 2 weeks post foot injury. I can't think of a better day to hit the pavement." -Melanie from Nutritious Eats

" run today- heavy heart and legs, but I felt just a bit lighter afterwards." -Laura from Mommy Run Fast

"I went out wearing a "run happy" shirt to encourage other runners and walked 2.5 miles to honor those from yesterday's marathon in Boston. I'm a runner myself but injured my IT band in last month's (first) half marathon. Prayers sent from Germany! (From Oregon)" -Leslie Shields

"I did my run for Boston tonight and sending along my pic. I am wearing the race shirt from my first 1/2 marathon. Love for Boston!" -Irene from Will Write 4 Travel

-Frank from The Fat Runner

"Hot miles.... Done." -Paula Graf

"Roxy and I ran/walked 4.09 (after 3 miles Roxy refused to run so we walked the last 1.09) in honor of Boston. Roxy took a recovery nap afterwards." -Shannon from Flamingoz Girls Run

"Ended up doing my first outdoor walk/run since hurting my knee last month. Had the puppy out running." -Amy Good

"Runners are tough. The running community is solid, I am proud to be a part of it. My heart is broken, but I know we will prevail." -Lea from Running With Ollie

"We had a group of 100 gather in little ol' Auburn, AL to run for Boston!" -Ashley from Workout to Wineglass

"With our Hearts and Prayers in Boston, our soles run in Miami!" -Erin from A Storybook Life

"I'll never be fast enough to qualify for it and I'm probably too chicken to fly there, but this morning I ran a hot and sweaty 4.15 miles for Boston." -Missy Nicholson

"Ran 4.09 miles for the tragic events in Boston. I ran with no iPod just prayed and listened to my feet hit the ground. I can't begin to imagine what it was like experiencing this tragedy." -Mandy Young

"I walked for 26.2 mins today." -Sarah Scott

"Ran with a heavy heart!" -Rina Teel

"Here's a picture from today's 4.09 mile run in remembrance of the Boston tragedy. I also wore my Mickey Marathon shirt under my scrubs to work today." -Karen from Just Me and My Running Shoes 

"The turnout to #runforboston in Miami, FL." -Christopher of We Talk of Holy Things

"I ran 4 miles, didn't take a pic sorry early run, BUT RAN FOR BOSTON." -Amy Anderson

"I ran 16.3 for Boston today." -Erin Rich

Runners: we are strong, we are mighty, and we will not give up!

QOTD: Did you run for Boston yesterday? Tell me about it! And if you didn't still can! 



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