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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 2...7 Miles!

Here we go...week 2 of half marathon training! This week's long run was 7 miles. It's been awhile since I've run 7 miles. I've been running a lot of 5 and 6 milers this summer because it's been too hot to run longer AND I wasn't training for anything so I didn't need to do longer mileage. But I'm ready to get back into my groove and back to training!

My friend Misty is training for her first half and we are doing our long runs together. So she joined me for 7 miles! She was super nervous the night before and it reminded me of those times I was super nervous too. I remember feeling that way before my first half and before my first full marathon. New mileage is always a little scary. But I knew she would do great! And I'd be there to help her through it.

That morning we woke up to hot and humid weather. The past few weekends it's been cloudy and cooler. I also had been fighting a cold all week long so I wasn't sure how good of a run it was going to be.

We started the run slow and easy. I wanted to make sure we finished strong. Already I was having a hard time breathing. I was super congested but I didn't feel bad or have fever so I knew it was ok to run. But it was tough!

The good thing about running with friends...talking! Talking helps take your mind off the run and fight that mental battle.

We finally reached the halfway mark and stopped for a quick water break and refueling break. I refueled with my favorite...Huma Gel! I had the Apples and Cinnamon flavor...yum! Have you heard they are coming out with some new flavors? Mango and blueberry flavors! I can't wait to try those! (Not sure what my eye is doing in this picture lol! Was I trying to wink??? I don't know! Lol!)

The last half of the run was pretty tough for me. It was hot. My energy was waning. I could tell that my body had been fighting off sickness all week. But Misty was doing awesome!!! Instead of me helping her she pushed me through that run! The last half a mile I really wanted to stop and walk. But I didn't let myself. I knew I had to fight. And I did. And I finished! Yay!

It's funny how 12 miles can seem so easy and 7 miles can seem so hard. Different days, different circumstances, different all contributes to your run. Having a cold makes the run tougher. But I knew that going out there.

Later that day Misty posted our picture from the run on my Facebook page with the following comment:

Thank you Mindy Bobe for helping me find the courage to run! I have enjoyed our long far. 

That comment made my day! I LOVE helping others achieve their running goals! Makes me so happy! And I love sharing my passion for running with others!

QOTD: Do you run when you have a cold? Or do you wait until you are well before you run again?



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