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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Weekly Chase #38!

Hey everyone! How did your weekend go? Mine was busy but fun! Friday night my hubby surprised me with a date night! I got home from work and his parents were already on their way to watch the boys! Nice! We went out to dinner and then to a movie. We were sitting in the movie theater right before the movie started...there was only one other couple in there...when all of a sudden people started filing in! It was the University of South Alabama's entire football team!!! My hubby graduated from there so he thought it was so cool! The players were all very well mannered. When the movie was over they piled out of there pretty quickly and we saw them loading their buses outside the theater. It was pretty awesome! And even better...they won their game Saturday night too!

Yeah...I wasn't doing too well with the picture taking thing. This was the best I could get...sorry for cutting your head in half Babe!

Saturday I ran 10 miles of hills! The hilliest miles I've ever run! Recap of that will be up tomorrow! Then the rest of the day I did some shopping and then we watched football! Sunday we went to church and then just relaxed around the house!

It's Monday and that means it's Weekly Chase time!!! I'm ready to tell you about my goals for this week! I hope you will join us and link up your goals too!

Road Runner Girl

It's September! A new month means a new challenge and Molly has a great one for us! It's back to school time so Molly wants us all to learn something new or do something new each week!

Here's how I did with my goals last week:

  • Goal #1: Run 3-4 times this week. I only got in 2 runs this week. I took Tuesday off due to some quad soreness but ran on Thursday and it was fine. I got my long run of 10 miles in on Saturday!
  • Goal #2: Try a new recipe (challenge goal). Nope. I didn't do this one at all. So far I am NOT doing well with this challenge...sorry Molly! I'm going to try this one again this week.
  • Goal #3: Write a few giveaway posts this week. I got a giveaway post written but just need to post it. Hopefully this week!
  • Goal #4: Roll and stretch daily. Yes! Especially with my quad hurting this week I doubled up on this goal and rolled two-three times a day!
  • Goal #5: Get my lesson plans done by Thursday so I don't have to do them over the weekend. Success! I love not having to worry about lesson plans during the weekend!

So here's the plan for this week!

Goal #1: Run 3 times this week. I need to get in two short runs and one long run this week!

Goal #2: Try a new recipe (challenge goal). Fingers crossed I do this one!

Goal #3: Work on St. Jude Fundraising. I'm a little over halfway to my goal of $500! If you want to donate I'd be soooooo happy!!! Click HERE to visit my donation page! :-)

Goal #4: Roll and stretch daily. Gonna keep at this one this week. Now that I'm training I've got to keep those muscles loose and free from injury!

That's it for the week! My weeks have been flying by now that I'm working again. I'm still loving my new job though so I'm not complaining! :-)

QOTD: What are your goals for this week?



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