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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need a Rest Day

Before I start today's post...I'd like to pause for a moment and reflect on what happened on this day 12 years ago. It's hard to imagine it's already been 12 years. I wrote a post last year about where I was when I heard the news if you'd like to read it. I just want to say that I will never forget...and I'm proud to be an American!

Yesterday was my normal short run day. I normally run a 5K on Tuesdays. But I could tell my legs needed a rest.

Here's why:

I ran 8 miles on Saturday at the beach. Then on Sunday I ran a slow and easy 2.25 miles.

But my left quad was super tight after that run. I could feel the tightness when I walked. I immediately started rolling my leg. Of course it helped some but it was still hurting.

Monday was a normal rest day. The quad felt better but was still tight. I continued to roll it a few times that day. And I used my babyBelle Bodybuffer on it. But I knew that I needed to rest another day. So I decided to NOT run on Tuesday.

I know the contributing factor to my sore quad. My wonderful and favorite Asics have reached their mileage. It's time for new shoes. I've been feeling the twinge in my quad for the past few weeks. It just reared it's ugly head this week.

I knew it was time for new shoes after my long run this weekend. For Sunday's recovery run I ran in new shoes. But the quad issue was already there and running in a different shoe aggravated it. Asics has changed my shoe model (from the GT 2170 to the GT 2000). I've been hesitant to try the new model. I already had a brand new pair of Saucony Progrid Guide 6's in my closet to try.

So those are the ones I put on for my run on Sunday. They felt great...except for the already screaming quad.

I'm praying that the transition to a new shoe doesn't cause any unwanted pains or injuries. Especially since I am in the middle of half marathon training. And I'm hoping the Saucony's I don't have to spend money on new shoes.

Yesterday my quad felt even better. But I know running may have flared it up again....and I'm happy I decided NOT to run. I'm not going to run again until Thursday. In the meantime I am spending a lot of time with these things:

Hopefully the extra rest day will do wonders. And I won't lie...sleeping a little later Tuesday morning wasn't too hard to do! ;-)

QOTD: Do you ever take an unplanned rest day because you know it's what your body needs?



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