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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Weekly Chase #36!

Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend! I got in a long run on Saturday, my Auburn Tigers won their game Saturday night, I went to a baseball game with the family Sunday night, and yesterday was all about resting and relaxing with the family! It was great! Here are a few shots from the baseball game! The boys had a blast!

It's time for another Weekly Chase! I'm excited about the start of a new week (although it will be a short one) with new goals! I hope you will join us and link up your goals for the week too!

Road Runner Girl

It's September! A new month means a new challenge and Molly has a great one for us! It's back to school time so Molly wants us all to learn something new or do something new each week!

Here are my goals from last week:

  • Goal #1: Run 4 times this week. Success! I ran 2 short runs, a one miler for speedwork, and a 7 mile long run!
  • Goal #2: Get back to drinking my water every day (challenge goal). I slacked some on this goal this week. I had a few cokes this past weekend. :-/
  • Goal #3: Get all of my blog posts written each day. Yes! I'm surprisingly keeping the blog up! It's tough now that I am working but I'm getting it done!
  • Goal #4: Cook at least 3 meals at home this week. Yes! With the help of my hubby we have been eating more at home instead of out. It's been great!

Here's the plan for this week!

Goal #1: Run 3 times this week. I had planned to run on Labor Day (to give me 4 runs this week) but I've been fighting a head cold all this past week. My body really needed some rest so I took Monday off from running and slept in. My plan is to run 2 short runs and an 8 mile long run this weekend.

Goal #2: Try a new healthy food this week (challenge goal). I've seen so many of my blogger friends posting about Quinoa. I really want to try this. I'm not a cook so send me some easy recipes please! :-)

Goal #3: Write a few giveaway posts this week. I have several pending giveaways lined up and I need to just sit down, write them, and get them posted. I know you guys want to win! :-)

Goal #4: Roll and stretch daily. Yep I'm bringing this goal back! I've really been neglecting this lately and after my long run this weekend my muscles were tight. I want to stay injury free for all the races I have coming up and I know rolling and stretching are key for me.

So there ya go! It's a short week and I know it will go by fast. Good luck to you and all your goals this week too!

QOTD: What is one goal you are chasing this week?



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