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Friday, June 12, 2015

Fitness Friday...June 12th Edition!

Guess what??? We are on our way to DISNEY WORLD!!!!! °o°

Thanks so much to my wonderful neighbor for house sitting for us and taking care of my sweet Cullen! He isn't happy that we are leaving...he kept laying in the suitcase all week while I was packing lol! But he's in good hands!

This week Hayden attended Cub Scout Day Camp! He had an absolute blast! He's missing today since we are traveling. But he got most of his achievements completed for Webelos 2!

While Hayden was at camp Sawyer and I tried to have some fun together. We did lots of packing and laundry. We also made a few trips to Starbucks. I found a new favorite frapp....the coffee light frappuccino! I like it better than my caramel light frapp! And it has 30 fewer!!!

On Tuesday, Sawyer and I met Jenny and her son Sawyer (love that we both have Sawyer's) for coffee.

The plan was to go to the park but it was raining! So we opted for Target instead! What? You didn't know there is fun to be had in Target? I assure you there is! The boys got a yummy drink!

And Jenny and I amused ourselves with another Mickey Mouse dressing room selfie! Yeah...we so love being twinsies!

After Target we headed to the park because it had finally stopped raining! These cute ducks came quacking up to us! They were so adorable and were begging (quacking) for Sawyer's pretzels!

We walked along the pier. And of course pics were involved! Such a fun day!

On Wednesday Sawyer and I had plans to go to the free movie with friends. But when we got there the only seats were on the second row on the floor. Sawyer gets motion sickness if he sits that close so I knew those seats weren't an option for us. We tried to find higher seats but there weren't any. Sawyer was so upset and just wanted to come home. So that's what we did. Poor little guy....I hated seeing him so disappointed! But I made up for it that afternoon with some frozen yogurt (yeah I opted for Starbucks instead), the farmer's market, and a trip to the park!

Thursday was spent finishing up laundry and packing! Oh and yes...the first thing I packed were my running clothes of course!!! :-)

It's time for Fitness Friday! I've had a great week of runs, squats, planks, crunches, and push-ups! Hopefully this is making me stronger!!!

  • Friday- #plankaday 2:30, 70 squats, 7 push-ups, 40 crunches, 1.76 mile run in 14:46 average pace 8:24

  • Saturday- 75 squats, 7 push-ups, 45 crunches, 6.21 mile run in 57:36 average pace 9:17
  • Sunday- #plankaday 2:00, 80 squats, 10 push-ups, 50 crunches, 1.56 mile run in 14:56 average pace 9:35

  • Monday- #plankaday 2:05, 10 push-ups, 2.16 mile run in 17:44 average pace 8:12

  • Tuesday- #plankaday 2:05, 100 squats, 10 push-ups, 60 crunches, 1.56 mile run in 13:02 average pace 8:21

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 2:05, 105 squats, 15 push-ups, 65 crunches, 3.12 mile run in 28:02 average pace 8:59

  • Thursday- #plankaday 2:05, 110 squats, 15 push-ups, 70 crunches, 1.81 mile run in 15:19 average pace 8:27

My runs went great this week! Still streaking strong! I can't imagine not running every day. I love the routine! I plan on continuing my streak while on vacation. I will most likely only run 1 milers every day. We will be walking so much in the parks so I will still be getting plenty of exercise. Since I'll be on vacation there won't be a long run this weekend. That's the beauty of not training for a race at the moment! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know we will! Can't wait to see Mickey! 

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?



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