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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Weekly Chase #126!

It's Monday! We have a busy week this week! Hayden is going to Cub Scouts Day Camp. And Sawyer and I will be at home packing for DISNEY!!!! :-)

This weekend was a fun one! Andy was off work on Thursday and Friday plus the weekend, of course, so we've been having lots of family fun time! After a grueling Monopoly game on Friday we needed a Starbucks fix. Andy and I grabbed our coffee.

Then we went on a family walk! It was hot but good practice for walking around Disney in the summer time! ;-)

Saturday morning I ran a 10K with Jenny! I'll recap that for you on Wednesday! Then later that afternoon Andy did a little home improvement project in one of the back yard flower beds. I didn't get a before picture (but trust me it wasn't pretty) but here's the after! Basically he just outlined the flower bed with the bricks. It looks so much better than it did!

Right after we finished up we headed inside for some air conditioning....and our power went out!!! We found out later that our whole town was out of power! So we headed to Andy's parents house about 40 minutes away. We went to the new Academy store there. And we had dinner. About 8:30 we decided to head home. I texted our neighbors and the power was still out! Yikes! Well we could have stayed the night at my in-law's but this girl didn't have her running shoes for the morning so I wanted to come home. We left the boys there so they could sleep in air conditioning.

We got lucky though...when we got back into town the power had come back on! Yay! So we got a nice cool night of sleep!

Sunday morning Andy ran with me! We don't get to run together often since the boys are usually with us! And Andy isn't really a runner. But he will go with me every so often! I love it when he does!

After our run, and my squats, crunches, plank, and push-ups, we got cleaned up and headed back to get the boys! But first...a morning coffee selfie!

We also got to see this little cutie!!! I can't believe he is already two weeks old!!!

I went shopping at Target with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and baby Ronan. After shopping we needed a pick me up! What an amazing had a Starbucks inside! My sister-in-law treated me and my mother-in-law! They didn't have any caramel so I couldn't get my favorite caramel frappuccino light. So I decided to try the coffee frappuccino light! It was so yummy! And it's now my new favorite (and it's 30 calories less than my caramel one)!!!

Now it's time for the Weekly Chase! It's a new week and I have new goals to achieve! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week!

  • Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! Streak is still going strong!!!
  • Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. Yep! I've done great with this!
  • Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. Yes! I logged every day this week!!!
  • Goal #4: Incorporate some weight training into my routine. Yes!!!! I found a workout challenge on Pinterest and have been doing it! I've been so sore too lol!
  • Goal #5: Yard sale prep. No. We didn't do this and therefore didn't participate in the neighborhood yard sale. :-/

Here are the goals I'm working on this week!

Goal #1: Run every day! Keeping the streak alive!!!

Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. Gotta stay injury free!

Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. Want to be sure to maintain my weight. I've never felt healthier and better about myself! :-)

Goal #4: Incorporate some weight training into my routine. I'm going to continue to do the exercises in the workout challenge I found. 

Goal #5: Pack for Disney!!! I love to travel....but hate to pack. Gotta get it done though! It's worth it!

So that's my plan this week! I hope you have a great week of reaching your goals!

QOTD: What goals are you chasing this week?



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