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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

National Running Day June 3rd!

So tomorrow is National Running Day! It's our day y'all!!! The day to celebrate what we love to do...RUN!!! There are so many ways to celebrate...the most obvious is to RUN!

Be on the lookout as well because so many brands will be offering discounts. Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series will be offering up to $20 discounts. You can sign up for a reminder HERE. And just check out this awesome video about why running rocks!

Asics (my favorite shoes) is also celebrating with their #GoRunItJune3 campaign! Use their hashtag on twitter and you could win a free pair of shoes!!! Then after your run go and download a badge to share that you ran with the world!

So in honor of National Running Day I am linking up with Kristen and several of my fellow bloggers and answering questions about my running!

1. Why do you run?
I run simply because I LOVE it! I also run for my health. I love that running makes me a healthy role model for my boys as well. I want them to see that their mom believes in staying healthy through exercising and choosing healthy foods.

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?
By running of course!!! And since I'm streaking it will be day 375 for me!

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?
I've run 412 miles so far this year!

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
I've already completed most of my races for this year. In the fall I will be running the Gulf Coast Half Marathon and the Senior Bowl Charity Run 10K.

5. Before you leave for a run you must have:
Garmin, iPhone for music and mid and post run pics, headband or visor, sunglasses if it's sunny out, running skirt, and running shoes of course!

6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?
My Garmin is my main source to track my runs. But I upload all my runs to Garmin Connect and Map My Run!

7. Who is your favorite running partner?
My running group....Sole2Soul Sisters! My running partners that run my same pace are Andria and Jenny! Couldn't train without them!

8. What races have you ran so far this year?
Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half, Glass Slipper Challenge, Seaside Half, Biggest Loser Half, Crescent City Classic 10K, Azalea Trail Run 10K, and Fiesta 10K!

9. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?
If you're just beginning...slow down. Don't try to run too fast too soon. Believe in yourself because if you believe then you can fly (or run)! 

10.  Describe your relationship with running in one word:

QOTD: How are you going to celebrate National Running Day?

Answer the interview questions and link up with us! Check out everyone else's answers as well!



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