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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Guest Post- My New Perspective: Race Support for My Hubby

Today's post is by Heather from Run Stylish! Her post is about supporting her runner husband! Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us Heather!


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drop off point, the weather got worse than this about 30 minutes later
For the second time in my life, I was marathon support for my hubby. The first time it was by choice. The marathon my hubby ran was five weeks after we qualified for the Boston Marathon, and I just needed a break. This past weekend I did not race due to an injury. I was both completely focused on being the world's best runner support and a little heartbroken I had to sit this one out.
mile 6, the runners turned directly into the high winds
Much like when you are running a marathon, I felt anxious the day of the race. I dressed in running clothes so I could briefly run aside my man and make sure his nutritional / race support needs were met. My course, now a road map around the race, was planned. Instead of a pacer or rabbit, I had my hubby's father navigate the crowds and get me close to our pre-planned meetings. The morning was all very scripted and involved. My focus shifted and was 100% on my hubby. Also, like an actual race, we encountered our own obstacles.
In case you did not hear about the California International Marathon (CIM) in Sacramento, the weather was terrible. My hubby said at the starting line it was as though a hurricane was about to arrive. Sideways rain, strong wind and people huddled under any identifiable shelter. The unpredictable weather forecast was dead on this time. The storm was the most intense from 7am-10am, which coincided with the first three hours of the race. By intense I mean heavy rain, flooding and wind with 40+ mph gusts. This continued for a majority of the time we were on the course.
We planned to meet my hubby at miles 6, 10, 13, 16, 20 and in a perfect world also 24. The weather was so bad and the runners still so close that we missed him at the 6 mile turn in the road. We found him at 10 and got his request for water at the next meet up at mile 13. Due to road closures throughout the Sacramento area I was dropped off about a half mile away from mile 16. I ran to the course to find, and briefly run with my love. His hands were too cold to take an Advil and salt tablets, so I helped with that and provided some water. In his words he was good, but starting to get tired. Sigh, I knew how he was feeling. All I wanted was to get to him at “the wall” (mile 20). Once again we encountered road closures due to flooding and the logistics of going across town with a race going on proved too difficult to navigate. We were unable to find him and hurried to the state capitol and finish line.
We checked the iPad, thanks to race tracking, and knew he had successfully stayed on pace. The finish area was crazy and much to my disappointment I couldn't see him before the finish of the race. What a morning! My hubby had an amazing race and time and I am so proud of him. My father in law and I had a wild adventure and will not forget our time together running around the race.
QOTD: Does your significant other share your passion for running or working out?



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