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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Weekly Chase #1!

Hey everyone! I am sooo excited about the new Weekly Chase!!! Molly and I are hosting this together and we couldn't be more excited! We are looking forward to watching it grow from what Melissa started and seeing all the challenges and goals that you accomplish through this!

I believe setting goals for yourself is extremely important. And those goals need to be S.M.A.R.T. goals. They need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Because otherwise you are setting yourself up to fail. Make those goals where you can achieve them! That's where success comes in to play! And that's what The Weekly Chase is all about!

We are changing things up a little bit but I think you're going to love it!

First thing...we got a new badge! Grab the code so you can use it in your posts! You can also display it on your blog if you want!

Road Runner Girl

Molly and I will be taking turns on who hosts each month. Whoever the host is for the month...that's the blog you will link up your own posts on.

We also have a Facebook group for The Weekly Chase! If you'd like to join please let me or Molly know and we will add you. We are keeping this group closed because we want it to be a safe place for us all to encourage one another through our goals and challenges.

Here's how The Weekly Chase works:

  1. Every Monday or Tuesday, post at least one goal that you want to achieve that week. It can be anything you'd like....from fitness goals to organizing your household. Whatever your heart desires! 
  2. Include the Weekly Chase badge on your post. This way you can link up with others that are chasing their goals for the week.
  3. Tweet about your goals using the hashtag #weeklychase. You can do this when you write your post and throughout the week to encourage one another.
  4. Visit mine or Molly's blog (depending on who has the reigns that month) every Monday or Tuesday to link up your post. This way you can see everyone's posts and give them encouragement, support, and love! 
  5. On each Weekly Chase post make sure to say how you did with the previous week's goals. That way we can all support each other in how we did.
  6. Take the Challenge! Each month we will have a different challenge. You don't have to participate but it will make things interesting and change it up! 
This month Molly is heading up the Weekly Chase! She has an awesome challenge for us this month! Are you ready?

January Challenge- Make Yourself a Priority!

Molly wants the first 2-3 goals that we list each week of this month to revolve solely around us! Woohoo! I'm excited about that because I don't ever take enough time for myself!

Here are my goals for this week (I'm not listing as many since it's Thursday and the week is almost over):

Goal #1: Call and make my doctor's appointment. (Challenge goal) I have needed to make this appointment for months and keep forgetting. This will make me remember right?

Goal #2: Read a book at least 15 minutes each day. (Challenge goal) I LOVE to read but don't make enough time for myself to do it. Anybody got any good book suggestions???

Goal #3: Run at least 3 times this week. My knee is feeling so much better and I am ready to get back into my running routine!!!

So there are my goals for the week...or what's left of it!

Now it's your turn! Write your post and go link up with the rest of us on Molly's blog! :-)

QOTD: What are your goals for this week?



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