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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guest Post- A New Adventure!

Oh hello. I didn’t see you there. My name is Tara. I am not Mindy. She is busy running the Disney marathon…or something like that! So you are stuck with me…just for today. Unless you decide you like me, then you can pop over and check out my blog. It’s called I'm Fit Possible.

I guess I better start by introducing myself.
Hi! I'm Tara. 
I am a new blogger and blossoming social media flower. I also work for Canada’s largest fitness company, GoodLife Fitness. I travel across Canada opening brand new locations and spreading the fitness dream. I am also a certified fitness and cycling instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching in the fitness industry. In addition to being passionate about fitness, I also love fashion and DIY projects. I also like to...laugh. love. hug. eat dessert. drink wine. travel. you get the idea...

I am actually here to “announce” (yes, yes it’s very official) something very exciting. I am a wannabe runner. I am not built for running in the traditional sense. I have short legs and a big booty. But I enjoy it. Not as much as my dog does, but I do like it. I have completed two half marathons (21km or 13.1 miles). My second one was back in September. Ever since then I have felt like I don’t have anything to look forward to or work towards. As a result, I have barely done any running. At all. Does this ever happen to you after a race? I hope I am not alone. So what oh what would my next challenge be? I know I can complete a half. Should I train and try to PR on a third half? Should I run a few smaller races and work on my medal collection? Run a FULL marathon? OMG. That one was immediately nixed.

So…I (along with my friend and co-worker) have decided to…drum roll please!!! We have decided to do the Around the Bay 30km Road Race on March 24th 2013. So excited and nauseating all at once. So, now that we have decided to run. We need a plan! Oh my! We are about 10 weeks away from race day. Time to get running. Good news. I just bought a new Lululemon running jacket and running mittens. I knew I would need those for something! It feels so good to have a reason to run again. I am looking forward to training.

Here is the training plan we have decided to follow (to the best of our abilities).

QOTD: Have you run a 30km race before? How did you train?



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