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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Tough RUN...

Saturday was again long run day. 5 miles was the plan. And this time I was even more excited because my friend Holly from Running and Baking Oh My was coming to run with me! It's been forever since I've seen and run with her and I couldn't wait!

This past week all of my runs were really tough. You remember last weekend's run and how I had to get tougher? Well I was hoping for a much better long run this weekend. I NEEDED a good run.

I woke up Saturday morning and immediately checked the temperature and humidity. It was 6AM and already 80° outside! But it feels like 84°!!! And the humidity was at 81%!!! My last hope was for a little wind to help ease the heat...but no...the wind was east at 1 mph. Do you think I even noticed that 1 mph?

But it was long run day. Holly was on her way. And I had to get it done. And I really really wanted it to be a good run. An easy run. An enjoyable run just catching up with my friend. But the run had different plans.

We started out slow because I knew better than to start out way too fast when my runs had already been tough lately. Right away I kinda knew the run was going to be tough. My legs were tired. I was having a hard time breathing.

The first two miles I think I talked Holly's head off lol! I hadn't seen her since I got my new job so I had to tell her all about that. And all about how I was decorating my classroom with owls (can you tell I'm super excited about that)! Then I ran out of things to say. Because I was struggling. I slowed us down a little more. We were at mile 2.5 and I was so ready to quit.

A road I run often!

Around mile 3 we stopped for a water break. I drank my water and was still having trouble catching my breath. I bet my heart rate was high. We started running again and then I felt something. My tummy was starting to hurt. I'm not sure if I drank the water too fast or what. But I had that crampy feeling in my tummy and started to worry. There were no bathrooms near us. Luckily it only lasted a few minutes and then it went away! Whew! Crisis adverted. That was the last thing I needed on an already crappy run (no pun intended lol)!

We only had two miles left. I was struggling. I kept having to remind myself it was only two miles and I could do it. And you know what? I did! I made it! I ran those hard, tough, crappy 5 miles!

But the frustration has set in. I am frustrated and unhappy with my runs lately. This whole summer I have been rockin' my runs. I guess it's finally caught up with me. I also think it has gotten hotter and more humid this week. August IS usually the hottest month here on the Gulf Coast.

Right now...I can't imagine running a half marathon. And my next one is in October (it will be my 17th half). Training starts in two weeks. The thought of running even 8 miles in this weather worries me. If 5 is really hard right now how am I going to run more than that???

I know I am in a running funk...but I don't want to be! I know this happens almost every year around this time...but I was really hoping to skip it this year lol! Gotta take my own advice: When the RUN gets tough...GET TOUGHER!

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave. I hope to bring you happier runs soon! ;-)

QOTD: Does the heat and humidity affect your runs? 



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