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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Vacation: Legoland Part 2!

When we left off we were eating lunch. While we were eating it started pouring down rain! We were so thankful to be inside! The timing was perfect...once we were finished eating the rain had stopped! We headed outside the restaurant and the boys just had to have pictures in the Lego cars!

We then headed back to the Imagination Zone and went to Build and Test. This is where the kids could build a race car and then test it on the track. Or they could build a tower and test its strength. Both my boys chose the tower! They had fun just playing!

Here are the proud boys with their completed towers!

Once again we entered the heat and saw our next ride...Kid Power Towers! This was a ride where they pulled themselves to the top and free fall back down again multiple times! Me and Grandma stayed on the sidelines and took pics!

We headed to Flying School next! This was my favorite rollercoaster...and I think it was the boys' favorite too! We rode it 3 times!!! :-) I love Sawyer's face in this picture!!!

After the ride we passed by a full sized Ford car made of Legos! Amazing!!!

We heard a show going on so we started heading towards Pirates Cove. On the way we encountered a few more photos!

We made it and were able to see about half of the Pirates' Cove Live Water Ski Show. It was amazing and so fun!!!

Afterwards we even got to meet the stars of the show! :-)

Next we headed to Lego Technic to ride a rollercoaster we had been wanting to ride all day...Project X! This one would go fast, then slow, and take sharp curves that made you feel like you were going to fall out! We loved it lol!

Here the boys are in one of the Technic cars that you rode in on the ride!

Waiting in can see some of the track behind us!

The next ride was the AQUAZONE Wave Racers! This one was fun and the boys got to "drive!"

On the ride the boys saw a huge octopus made of Legos and begged to take a picture of it! So that's where we headed next!

Next we stopped in a store and did a little shopping. Grandma bought the boys a Lego keychain that they love! Then we started walking towards Miniland. On the way we went over a bridge and saw a pretty waterfall! If you look closely you can also see the alligator behind us...made of Legos of course! ;-)

Miniland USA was next! This was absolutely incredible! They built mini versions of different landmarks from around the USA...all with Legos! The details were amazing!!! We read a sign that said it took them two years (I think) to build the miniland! WOW! Hayden had me take pictures of everything...but I will just show you the highlights! ;-)

Las Vegas!

Kennedy Space Center!

Daytona International Speedway!

Miami Beach!

San Francisco!

New York City!

Washington D.C.! You can see the Obama family on the porch of The White House!

Then we headed towards the Lego Star Wars Miniland! My boys LOVED this part!!!

They even had some huge sized Lego figures from Star Wars!

I love Sawyer's expression in this dramatic lol!

After Miniland we had pretty much seen it all. We had been there all day! We stopped at a few stores on the way out. And we ran into Max!

Overall we had an awesome time at Legoland! The boys are already talking about going back the next time we are in town!

Legoland also has a water park section too. We didn't do that part this time but plan to next time. It does cost extra to add the water park.

QOTD: What is your favorite part about a theme park? The rides? The food? The shopping?



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