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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Vacation: Legoland Part 1!

It's taking me forever to write all my posts from our summer vacation so thanks for bearing with me! I have so many photos to sort through! Because of all the photos I'm going to split this day into two parts! :-)

Last time we left off we had gone to Epcot at Disney World! Day 3 was our trip to Legoland! Both of my boys like Legos but Hayden is a Lego fanatic! He LOVES them! So he was super excited about this day! And so was I...because it was new to all of us! None of us had ever been here. I was super surprised at this theme park! They had major rollercoasters...which I LOVE! I assumed it was geared more towards little kids but I was wrong! and luckily...both of my boys were tall enough to ride all the rollercoasters and rides at this park!

Legoland was about 45 minutes away from our condo. The traffic wasn't bad and before we knew it we saw the sign!

We paid yet another $15 parking fee and then we were on our way. The parking lot was fairly empty. We were so used to those full Disney parking lots lol! We had a little walk to the entrance but it wasn't too far. One reason why I have so many pictures....Hayden asked for a picture at almost every thing he saw lol! He wanted one at the entrance so of course we took one! But due to being in an air conditioned car and then entering the camera lens kept fogging up! This is the best one I could get.

Since I bought our tickets online before we left on vacation, we were able to walk right up to the turnstiles and go in!

Immediately we saw HUGE things made out of Legos! Hayden begged for pictures! Of course I had no problem with that! ;-)

Finally we were able to move the boys through the entrance and start walking! We didn't get far and Hayden spotted the Big Shop. We convinced him we would look in the store at the end of the day. We didn't escape without another picture!

Our first stop was at the Lego Factory! Here they told us all about how they made the Legos. Hayden was so interested in this!

We found a Lego Guy in here!

The Lego making process was shown to us in such a cute way! Everything was decorated in Legos!

Our first ride was The Grand Carousel! And the boys talked me into riding it with them! Ok they didn't have to twist my arm or anything lol!

Then we headed to Lego Kingdoms. I will say that all the decorations were awesome!!!

We lined up to ride The Dragon rollercoaster. The wait was about 15 minutes but so worth it. It was so much fun!!!!

Then we rode Merlin's Challenge...where we boarded a train (made out of Legos of course) and it went around and around and over a few hills really really fast!

Next we headed to The Forestmen's Hideout. This was a playground made to look like the forest. We let the boys play about 10 minutes before heading to the Land of Adventure.

We rode several rides here. The first one was The Lost Kingdom Adventure. This was a dark ride where we fired laser blasters at targets. It reminded me a little of the Toy Story rides in Disney. So of course we loved it! And it was set in Egypt and had an awesome Egyptian pharaoh made out of Legos at the entrance to the ride!

Then we set out to ride the Coastersaurus! This was a wooden rollercoaster and the theme was dinosaurs of course! They even had dinosaur sounds roaring at you as you waited to ride! Again our wait time was about 10-15 minutes. Not bad. And the ride was great!

We then headed to Lego City...which is Hayden's favorite set of Legos! We immediately got in line for Boating School! It was tricky maneuvering those boats but we did it!

The boys insisted on taking a picture after we passed boating school! :-)

We headed towards the Imagination Zone to check it out. The boys LOVED all the Lego decorations here and insisted on lots of pictures!

Everyone was getting hungry for lunch. They had a restaurant in the Imagination Zone but the boys didn't see anything they wanted on the menu. So we headed back towards Lego City for other options. We passed the Rescue Academy (which unfortunately wasn't open).

Hayden said he wanted to eat at the Fried Chicken Co. so that's where we headed. The boys got chicken fingers, Grandma and Papa got chicken sandwiches, and Andy and I got chicken wraps...which was very yummy! Hayden made sure I took lots of pictures outside and inside the restaurant! He loved how it was decorated!

And I'm gonna stop there since I know this post is getting way too long! Thanks for looking at all our pictures! Stay tuned for part 2 of our day in Legoland! :-)

QOTD: Have you ever been to Legoland? Are you a fan of rollercoasters?

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