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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Training Schedule

Many of you ask me how I train. I typically run 3-4 times a week. I find that is the best for my body. If I run any more than that I tend to get injured.

I don't do a ton of speedwork. I know I should do more but I just don't. :-/

As you saw from yesterday's post, I have 4 races that I am running this fall. So my training schedule can get pretty tricky. I make out a calendar for each month and try to stick to it the best that I can.

I try to increase my long run by at least one mile each weekend. I may do a slow and easy recovery run on Sunday. Or I may run a fast mile on Monday. Then the rest of the week I run two short runs of 3-4 miles. Some of those short runs will incorporate speed work.

Here's my training schedule for the next 5 months...what I'm calling the fall season! :-)

So that's my tentative training schedule for the next few months! I say tentative because I may change things if I add another race in there, if I get sick, etc. For example...this week I've gone astray from the plan because I chose to do a one mile speedwork run on Tuesday because Sunday's run was a fast 3 miles instead of a recovery run. In my opinion the most important run is the long run when you are training for a half marathon or marathon. So I try to not miss those runs. Yay for training!!!

QOTD: Do you follow a specific training schedule? Do you make your own schedule or use one of the popular ones you can find online?



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