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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Weekly Chase #33!

Hey everyone! Today is my first official day of my new job! We have a staff meeting and training all day today. I'm hoping to learn a lot of stuff about the school and procedures, etc. It's always a little scary to start a new job because you don't know the basic stuff. Everyone there has been super super nice answering my many questions though. It seems like a great place to work and I'm so excited!!!

I dropped my boys off at their Grandma and Papa's house yesterday afternoon. They both cried when it was time for me to leave. It broke my heart. I'm gonna miss them so much this week!!! But I know they are going to have a blast!

I was a little sad on the drive home after leaving them. But then I looked up in the sky and saw an amazing sight! There were rain clouds mixed in with the sunset and it was gorgeous! This picture just doesn't do it justice.

I have a winner for the babyBelle Fit Bodybuffer giveaway! chose #41. Congratulations to Kimberly Remig Prytherch!!! Email me at with your mailing address please!

It's time for another Weekly Chase! I'm ready to tell you all about my goals for the week! I hope you will join me and link up your goals for the week too!

Road Runner Girl

Since it is's time for a new challenge! This month's challenge is geared around Back to School. For some of you I know that time is in September but in my part of the world that time is now. This month I want you to think of one thing in your life that you used to do and wish you were still doing. Maybe you used to exercise 4 days a week. Maybe you used to cook more meals for your family. Whatever it is...this month let's Get Back To It!

Here are my goals from last week and how I did with them!
  • Goal #1: Run 4 times this week. Yes! I ran on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! I normally try to do speedwork on Monday but I took the day off...and that rest seemed to do my body good because I had an awesome run on Tuesday!
  • Goal #2: Get in at least one walk each week for some cross training. No. Just didn't happen this week. :-(
  • Goal #3: Clean and decorate my classroom. Yes! I got everything done except the things that I need the student's names on. I am supposed to get my class list this week so I will get that part done this week.
  • Goal #4: Get back to drinking my water every day (challenge goal). 85%! I've done pretty good with this! Although I went to a retirement party with the hubby and had a Coke there. But I had also had all my water for the day too. 

So here are the goals I am chasing this week!

Goal #1: Run 4 times this week. This shouldn't be too hard to fit in this week as long as I go early before work. The boys won't be here so I won't have to worry about childcare for them while I run.

Goal #2: Get in at least one walk each week for some cross training. I really want to make this a habit every week!

Goal #3: Finish the last minute details in my classroom by Wednesday. As I said above, I still need to finish up a few things that need the student's names on them. My mother-in-law also made me some awesome owl curtains that I need to hang. It's parent orientation night on Wednesday so I need everything done by then. I can't wait to show you the finished product!!! :-) 

Goal #4: Do the first week of school lesson plans. I know the first few weeks of school are going to be mostly about rules and learning the routine of the classroom. I just need to finalize some activities to go along with that. 

Goal #4: Get back to drinking my water every day (challenge goal). I've got to make sure to still drink water while I'm at work!

So that's my plan for the week. Wish me luck on my training, meetings, and meeting my students and their parents this week!

QOTD: What are your goals this week?



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