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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fitness Friday...December 20th Edition!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Ambassadors SE Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Can you believe it's only 5 days until Christmas???? Yesterday was our last day of school. I'm excited but I'm also a little sad. Christmas has come way too fast this year! I remember it taking forever to come when I was a little this a sign that I'm getting old???

I had a super busy week! I had two Christmas parties at with my 3 year old class and one with my 2 year old class! The parents made me feel like a princess with all the gifts! I'm so blessed to have a job that I love!

I just have to share these pictures of my boys with you. An owner of an inflatable company displayed this HUGE Santa inflatable in front of their house last year. The boys wanted to see if it was there again this year. So we hopped in the car and headed that way. Only when we got there we not only saw the Santa but a HUGE inflatable Christmas tree and snowman! The boys (and me too) were so excited!!! This is apparently going to be a new tradition for the inflatable people better keep displaying these every Christmas! ;-)

I also got an early Christmas present! Verizon sent me this Blackberry Mini Stereo Speaker and I love it!!! It will clip on to your shirt and the sound that comes out of it is amazing! It plays using bluetooth.

It's time for Fitness Friday! I'm slowly starting to get back into my running routine...although it's hard since I'm so busy due to the holidays. But the knee and hip are doing great!

  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Ran 5 miles in 54:50 average pace 10:58
  • Monday- #plankaday 1:05
  • Tuesday- #plankaday 1:02, 3.11 mile run in 31:05 average pace 9:59

  • Wednesday- #plankaday 1:00
  • Thursday- #plankaday 1:03
  • Friday- #plankaday 1:00

So that was my week. I'm hoping to get in an 8-10 mile long run this weekend. The Biggest Loser Half Marathon is NEXT weekend!!! 

QOTD: What was your best run or workout this week?



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