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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Runner Spotlights #65

Hey everyone! I had an amazing weekend in Memphis...but if you haven't heard already....the race got canceled due to the ice storm which in turn made the race not have enough volunteers, police, or medical personnel. I was very disappointed...I've worked so hard to overcome my injuries and run this race. But knowing that I helped raise 8.2 million dollars for St. Jude made the weekend all worth it...despite not being able to run.

We still wanted to this and my friends are out running our race! We have some ladies running 26.2 miles and some running 13.1 like me. We are running for those kids at St. Jude! We may not be running in Memphis but we are running for them here at home! :-)

Now it's time for another runner favorite time of the week! I love reading other runners' stories about their running journey! If you are interested in being spotlighted on my blog please email me at! I'd love to spotlight you! You don't have to have a blog to be just have to be a runner! ;-)

Today I'm spotlighting Courtney from The TriGirl Chronicles. She is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador. Keep reading to learn more about her!

Name: Courtney Fields
State: New York

When and why did you start running?
I started running at age 12. I was told I was decent runner and was encouraged to join my schools modified track team.

What is your favorite race and race distance?
I’m really enjoying 10k’s right now. It’s a comfortable distance and I can crank one out at a good clip. My favorite 10k so far was the Cooperstown BASE Race in historic Cooperstown NY where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. I also loved, loved, loved the run course for the Finger Lakes Olympic Triathlon.

What is your race day routine?
I always have a Luna bar shortly after getting up. I try to get all my stuff together the night before and get my clothes, Garmin, and heart rate monitor all set out. Depending on the length of the race I may eat a second Luna bar about an hour pre-race.

What is your most favorite piece of running gear?
My Garmin 310XT. I love heart rate training and the 310XT is triathlon specific.

Do you follow any diet or take any specific supplements that complement your running?
Not really. I try to eat clean and healthy as much as possible and limit my junk and alcohol intake during race season.

What do you wish you’d known when you first started running?
That I had the potential to be a distance runner. I was a state qualifying short distance hurdler during my many years on the track team and I always thought I would only ever be a sprinter. In 2012 I ran my first triathlon which was my first race longer than a 5k. That was the moment I realized I could be an endurance athlete and have since gone on to run my first half marathon, register for my first half Ironman, and I plan to run a full marathon 2014 and full Ironman in 2015.

What is your fondest running memory?
I loved hurdling for my school’s track team. I missed being out on the track working on my leg position, three step stride, and jumps.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?
I like the taste of mushrooms, but hate the texture. I cook with them then pick them out before I eat anything. 

Here are all the different ways you can connect with Courtney!

And she was sweet enough to share a coupon code with everyone: coupon code TRIGC15 good for 15% off all purchases through the end of the year!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Courtney!

QOTD: Did you race this weekend? 



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