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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans 10k!!!

I've mentioned that I'll be running the Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon in January! This is one of my absolute favorite races!

Well they just revealed an awesome surprise yesterday....a new 10K distance in New Orleans!!!! Now you have the option of running a 10K, half marathon, or marathon!!! There is a little something for everyone!!!

And even can save $5 with the code ROADRUNNERGIRL10k!!! And you can still save $10 on the half or full marathon with the code ROADRUNNERGIRL!

The 10K will have you running by some popular landmarks in New Orleans! Around mile 3 you will be running in the French Quarter! You will be smelling those beignets as you run by Cafe Du Monde! And you will pass by the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral!

Around mile 5.5 you will pass the St. Louis Cemetary! This is the oldest cemetary in New Orleans and you can see the above ground vaults.

You will finish in City Park! You will be amazed at how beautiful the trees are with their moss canopies!

Here's a look at the official course!

So if you've been wanting to run a Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series race but aren't quite ready for a half marathon or full marathon then this is your chance! You still get all the fun of a Rock 'n' Roll race with a shorter distance! Perfect!

Remember you can use the codes ROADRUNNERGIRL10k to save $5 off the 10K and ROADRUNNERGIRL to save $10 off the half marathon or full marathon! Register HERE!

Be sure to follow Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook and look for the hashtag #RnRNOLA for all the race info about this amazing race in the great city of New Orleans!

I hope you will join me in New Orleans on January 25th!!! Laissez bon temps rouler!!!

QOTD: Have you ever run a Rock 'n' Roll race? Which one? 



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