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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Trick or Trot 5K Recap!

Last Friday night me and the family headed about 40 minutes away to the University of South Alabama college campus in Mobile. My husband's company was a sponsor for the Trick or Trot 5K and gave me their free entry! I was super excited because I had heard this was a fun race!

We arrived about an hour before race time and I headed to pick up my race bib and goody bag. The goody bag was stuffed full of fun items...including Halloween candy! It was a very simple process getting my bib. And the awesome volunteers even let me switch out my race shirt since it was huge on me!

Pre-race picture!

And here's my husband's company and their sponsor sign!

Since we had some time to kill we walked around the campus a little. We visited the Moulton Tower. My husband graduated from here but the tower wasn't there when he was a student. It was really beautiful!

The campus is really beautiful! It has tons of huge oaks that are really gorgeous. I was super excited to run there had been a few years since I had run there.

Finally it was time to start! We walked a little way to the start line. My hubby and boys lined up on the side of the street to see me off!

This race wasn't a very big race. But there were still quite a few runners. I lined up pretty close to the start line..something I'd never done before. Usually I start about mid way. The horn blew and with a quick wave to my family I was off!

I had a goal for this race. I was hoping to PR. I knew I would beat my last official 5K race time (30:57). But I was hoping to beat my PR from my 5K training runs (25:52).

I started out running pretty fast. But I knew I could keep that pace if I really wanted that PR. The course was so pretty! Running under the oak trees was gorgeous! We never left the campus. But there were several hills. And I'm talking big hills. But I didn't slow down. I kept pushing.

I would make it up a hill, have time to catch my breath, and then another hill would be upon me! But I wasn't going to slow down.

I made sure to run the tangents as best as I could. I didn't want to waste any time weaving in and out of the turns.

Finally I was almost to mile 3 and I could see the finish line up ahead. But....there was a huge hill leading to it! Yes...we finished at the top of a hill!!! How cruel lol!

I crossed the line so out of breath! I looked for my family but didn't see them. I grabbed a bottle of water and kept walking, trying to catch my breath. And then I saw Andy and the boys on their way to the finish line. Surprise! I had already finished!

The boys saw some inflatables and wanted to go jump. I followed them there. I was still out of breath lol! Finally I caught my breath and looked at the time on my watch. I did it! I ran a new 5K PR!!! My Garmin time was 25:21!

I was sooo happy!!! I ran hard! I had earned that PR on those hills!

I was curious to see the official results. Had I placed? I've never had to think about that before. But I knew this time I might have a chance! I also knew that there weren't a lot of women around me while I was running.

While we waited on the results we walked around and visited all the vendors.

There were tons of things for kids! My boys even decorated pumpkins!

Finally....the results were posted! There I was!

My official time was 25:23, I was 22nd overall, and I placed 3rd in my age group!!!! What??? I placed??? I was soooo excited!!!!

I told Andy we HAD to hang around for the awards. I had never placed before and I was so excited about it! They were all ready to go but I made them stay lol! We played a few more games. They even had the University of South Alabama football game playing on a huge outdoor screen for everyone! It was really cool!

Finally it was time for the awards! I was super excited to get third place in my age group! And check out that fun medal! :-)

This race was so much fun! A ton of people were dressed up in costumes! The course was beautiful but challenging. And the vendors made it a fun family event! I hope to do this one again!

Thanks so much to Preble-Rish for the free race entry! :-)

Stay tuned tomorrow for race #2 of my back to back 5K's this past weekend!

QOTD: Have you ever placed in your age group? Have you or are you running a Halloween themed race?



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