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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Abbey Road...Disney Style!!!

1 mile/10:19
Average pace- 10:19

Plank a Day- 1:01

Remember Friday's post about the Beatles cover picture for Abbey Road?  Well I was doing a little catch up reading on the Disney Parks Blog and guess what I found??? 

I love all things Disney so I REALLY love this!!!  Look behind Goofy and you can see Herbie posing as the Volkswagon Beetle in the original picture!  Disney had the characters recreate the picture on Main Street, USA at The Magic Kingdom!  You can read the full post on Disney Parks Blog! 

I also learned that the reason everyone is recreating this photo is because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles!  Pretty cool!  Of course when me and my friends were doing it...we were just being silly!

We are headed to my sister's house now to take her her washer and dryer.  After that, I plan to watch the rest of the Olympic Trials that come on today...loving it!!!

Happy Sunday!



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