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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Birthday Festivities and Long Run Day!

9 miles/1:39:10
Average pace- 11:01

Plank a day- 1:39  Planks are tough after running 9 miles!

Woohoo! My Sole2Soul Sisters are rocking these long runs! It was a tough, hilly 9 miles but they did it! 

My run was full of different feelings.  My legs were tired and at mile 5 I was ready to be done but I pushed through and the end of the run was awesome!  But I've noticed the past two long runs that I am getting tired a lot sooner than normal...I'm wondering if it's due to the heat and humidity?  Any ideas?  

I ran this entire run with Gina and Angela (plus a few others that joined us at different points of the run).  They are running the Disney Marathon in January with me...can't wait!

It's hard for you to see but I was soaked with sweat...I could wring water out of the bottom of my skirt!!!  That's how sweaty I was!  SweatPink!!!  :-)

Hayden's birthday was great!  My hubby took off work for the day so we got to hang out all day as a family!  We were going to take the boys swimming but once Hayden opened his presents he wanted to stay home and play with them.

It was his day so we let him choose the activities for the we stayed home and built a Lego Fire Station!

That night Hayden had a T-Ball game.  My hubby's parents came to watch the game and then we all went out to dinner at Cracker Barrel...Hayden's choice!  Funny was our waitress' birthday too!  She of course brought him ice cream and sang to him...and she wanted a picture with him!

After dinner we went back home and had cake....he wanted me to make him a strawberry cake with strawberry icing!  Fine by me because that's my favorite too!  :-)

I think he had a great day!  I recall hearing him tell his brother, "This is the BEST birthday ever!"  Yay!  My mission was accomplished!  ;-)

In case you missed it, I did my plank in honor of Hayden's birthday on Friday.  I also took a video of me planking...enjoy!  :-)

Don't forget about the Power Plank Challenge and Giveaway!!!  Time's running out!  Only two more days to get it done!  I'm doing the challenge on Monday! MUST tag @roadrunnergirl and @running_baking in the comment section of Instagram in order for us to see your entry.  Also...if your account is private we CANNOT see your picture even if you tag us!  :-)

QOTD:  How is everyone enjoying the Olympics?  What was your favorite part of the opening ceremony?


  1. Happy birthday Hayden! I must have missed ur video on twitter but loved "seeing" you. It's a great way to get to know each other! Excited for tomorrow

    1. Thanks Christina! And yes I'm so excited about tomorrow!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Hayden;)
    Your run rocked!
    9 miles in this heat sux;)
    Anyways plank challenge was great, looking forward to doing it again

  3. Your kids are too cute. You are killing these planks!




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