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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plank Ladder FUN With My Hubby!

Sundays are a big family day in my house!  We go to church together in the morning, then usually eat lunch out somewhere, and then the rest of the day we try to so something as a family.  We did all of that today...we had Hibachi for lunch...yum!!!  And for dessert we had fro-yo!!!

Can you guess which one is mine?

If you guessed the bottom left one then you are correct!  My favorite...cupcake batter fro-yo with oreos, cookie dough bites, and strawberries!  Yum!  I know it's not super healthy but it's ok to treat yourself every now and then!  :-)

After fro-yo we came home and I still had to do my plank ladder for the day.  So I challenged my hubby to do it with me...and he said yes!!!  I've been loving the videos on twitter from my tweeps Sarah and Robert who are a couple that plank together!  So I asked my hubby if we could video it and he agreed!!!  We only shot the first half of the ladder because I figured you didn't want to be bored watching the whole thing lol!  And yes we finished the ladder after the camera turned off!  My hubby did GREAT!  It was fun!  The camera work is courtesy of my son Hayden (who turns 7 on Friday!!!) and the wonderful son don't say that on camera commentary is by my 4 year old Sawyer!  Enjoy!!!

QOTD: Do you and your hubby or significant other exercise together?  What exercise do you do?

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  1. Andy is such a good sport!! Go Andy!

  2. Your kids did such a great job with the video! It was adorable! Good work!

    1. Thanks so much Ilene!!! You never know what that younger one is going to say lol!

  3. Love that you two planked together!! I never heard of the ladder part until I saw your post. Hmm time to try it out now!! :D Oh and shame on you for making me want some Froyo bad right now lol Omg they all look soooo good!

  4. 1. You are adorable.
    2. Your planks kick my planks butt.
    3. I love your family. Your boys are too cute & it's so sweet that your hubby participates.




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