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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Weekly Chase...Challenge, Writing, and Cooking!

It's my favorite time of the week....The Weekly Chase!!!  If you haven't linked up for The Weekly Chase yet then you are missing out!  I am so thankful that Melissa at Live, Love, and Run started this!  I look forward to it every week!

So let's talk about last week's goals!  
  • Goal #1: Make up my own workout.
  • Goal #2: Make my little guy's birthday extra special.
  • Goal #3: Cook at least one meal at home.
Goal #1...success!  I made up my own legs and glutes workout and will be sharing it with you on Friday!!!

Goal #2...success!  Hayden had a great birthday!  Thanks so much to all of you for the happy birthday comments and tweets!  I heard Hayden tell his brother Sawyer that "this is the BEST birthday ever!"  In case you missed it you can read more about what we did on his birthday HERE.  

Goal #3...success!  Despite having THREE T-Ball games last week I DID manage to cook one meal at home!!!  And I know you want to know what it was!  You're not going to be too impressed...but please remember that I am an awful cook so you get what you get lol!  I cooked spaghetti (because it's Hayden's favorite) and made a salad. Yay for me!!!  ;-)

So it was a pretty successful week for me!

Time for this week's goals!

Goal #1: Do the Power Plank Challenge!  And I would LOVE for you to join me!!!  There's a giveaway involved! ;-)  This means I will be planking once an hour for 8 hours!!!  Actually I will be planking once an hour for 12 hours because that's the goal my plankaday tweeps on twitter decided!  But for the challenge you only have to do it for 8 hours!  :-)

Goal #2: Write my Sweat Pink Blog Swap post.  One of my sweat pink sisters started a sweat pink blog swap where we are paired up with another sister and we swap posts for each other's blogs!  Should be lots of fun but I've got to think of a topic and get to writing!

Goal #3: Cook at least one meal at home. Yes I'm doing this one again!  It was so nice having a home cooked meal this past week!  This one will be challenging...we have T-Ball FOUR nights this week!  

So there's my goals for the week!!!  

QOTD: What are YOUR goals for the week?



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