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Sunday, July 8, 2012

GYM Time!!!

Workout Stats-
Plank a day- 1:36
Recumbent Bike- 35 minutes
Strength Training- Lunges, Squats, Leg Extensions, Leg Press, Leg Curls, and Hip Abductors/Adductors

I went to the GYM!!!  To actually work out and not run on the treadmill!!!  This is a first for me in YEARS!!!  My hubby bought us a gym membership at Christmas time to Anytime Fitness....he uses it but I've only used it to run on the treadmill when I can't run outside.  So one of my goals this week for the Weekly Chase is to do strength training twice this week.  I did strength training for my arms using free weights here at home on Thursday.  I knew I wanted to do some strength training for my legs so I planned to go to the gym this afternoon.  The only downside to our gym is there is no child care so that limits the times I can go.  I think Sunday afternoons are going to be one of the scheduled times for me...because I had the gym ALL to myself the first 45 minutes!!!  Whoop! So of course I took advantage of that opportunity and took a picture of myself when no one was around to laugh at me! 

I did some cross training on the recumbent bike.  I haven't been on one of those in years!  My goal was to ride about 30 minutes.  I rode 35 because I was watching Wimbledon on the TV and I had to see Serena Williams win! 

After the bike, people starting filing into the gym.  And I started with my leg work.  All I can say is that I'm going to be sore tomorrow!  Hopefully I didn't overdo it...I tried to take it slow.  But it will be worth it to be a healthier me!!!

This next week is going to be super busy for me.  I am teaching 1st graders at our church's Vacation Bible School along with juggling summer school and T-Ball games!  I love VBS week but it always poses challenges for me...resisting all the yummy food and getting in my runs/workouts because I'm so tired.  I'm going to try to be strong and get it all done!!!

QOTD: What is your favorite machine to use at the gym?  Let me know in the comments below!  I need some gym motivation!  I'll have to say the treadmill is my surprise huh?!


  1. I love the hack squat machine. It helps me keep proper form and it really works the legs.

    Great job going over to the weights side of the gym. It can be very intimidating. A couple weeks ago I was re-racking a weight and hit my head on a bar. I tried to act like it was no big deal. HA!

    Awesome blog post. :)

  2. Congrats on making it to the gym for weights! I haven't used machine's in a long time. I only do weights with a power lifting class. We use free weights and the barbells to do everything. I do remember loving the machine that worked inner and outer thighs.

  3. Stacie...ouch!!! And yes...the weight side was super intimidating...luckily there were only 3 other people in there when I ventured over there. Holly...thanks girl! I wish my gym did classes but they don't. So I'm going to make the best of what they have!




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