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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Calling All Princesses!

Workout Stats:
Plank a Day- 1:42

You all know that Disney races are my absolute favorite!  Well, yesterday was the first day of registration for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!  How many of you signed up???  I've done this race the past two years...I LOVE it!  Who doesn't love running through Cinderella's castle???

You can read my Princess Half Marathon race recaps here and here!  

I love anything Disney and there's nothing like running 13.1 miles that are truly magical!  Disney does it like they do everything...BIG!  And this year is the 5th anniversary so I'm sure they will do something special to commemorate that!

I'm debating on doing the Disney Royal Family 5K on that Saturday this year too.  I've never done this one but would love to run it!  They are also offering a breakfast after this 5K and a Pasta in the Park on Friday night.  Debating on one of these options too.

And I can't wait to see what the theme will be this year!  The first year I ran it the theme was the Princess and the Frog.  Last year's theme was Tangled.  So...maybe they will use the newest princess Merida from Brave?  Or since it's the 5th anniversary maybe they will use one of the classic princesses like Sleeping Beauty (my favorite)?  I would LOVE pink bling!!!

Whatever they choose, I am excited!  I LOVE this race!!!

QOTD: Who is your favorite Disney Princess?  Have you ever ran this race?  Do you plan to?  Have you done any of the dining options they are offering?  Tell me in the comments!  Thanks!

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  1. I ran the Disney Half Marathon in 2007... it was HOT! But it was LA in the summer, so that is a given. I found the course extremely congested, so if you are looking to do it for time, be aware. If you are looking to have fun? then YES! You'll love it.

    Ummmm. My favorite princess is Arial and Jasmine.

    1. Yes the Princess Half is very congested too. It's definitely a race that you just do for fun!

  2. ive run the princess half every year. I love Disney Runs. I will be doing the 5K the day before.

    1. I love Disney runs too!!! I think I'm going to go ahead and sign up for the 5K!!! Maybe I'll see ya there! :-)




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