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Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Boy and Olympics!

So today is an exciting day for me for two reasons!  The first one is that it is this little guy's 7th birthday today!

I cannot believe that my sweet Hayden is already seven years old!!!  He is becoming such a sweet boy!  And he has traits that are awesome!  He's my little rule follower...he's always going to do what is right.  He's passionate about what he loves (which are Legos at this stage in his life).  He's kind hearted and always ready to give me a smile, hug, or kiss!  He's every Mom's dream of what her little boy should be! I love him sooo much and am so blessed to be his Mom!  Today is his day....and we are going to do whatever he wants!!!  :-)

My second reason today is an exciting day....the Olympics start today!!!!  I'm soooo excited!!!  I LOVE the Olympics as I know I told you several times during the trials!  :-)

I can't wait to watch the opening ceremonies!  I'm going to have to DVR it since we are celebrating Hayden's birthday tonight with my in-laws.  I probably won't get to watch it all because I have to get to bed early for a 9 mile run Saturday morning too.  But I will be glued to the TV this weekend you can be sure!!!  

QOTD: What is your favorite event to watch in the Olympics?  What is your least favorite?  I love the track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and tennis.  Least favorite....probably archery but I like it all so I would probably still watch it lol!



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