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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Am a Guest Poster...3 Times!

Yesterday's Stats-
3.11 miles/30:44
Average pace- 9:52

Plank a day- 2:07

I was so excited about the Power Plank Challenge and Giveaway yesterday that I totally forgot to tell you about my run yesterday morning!!!  The humidity was in full force! It was one of those days where you walk outside and the air is thick. I barreled through it and got my run in! Run felt pretty was just super hot! I saw several people out running...including my friend Christina and her hubby! :-)  And I saw several people walking!  I LOVE seeing people out being active!  It makes my heart happy!!!  

So I'm pretty excited to have been a guest poster on other blogs 3 times!!!  I wrote two guest posts for my friend Melissa at Live, Love, and Run!  She ran her first half marathon in Chicago last weekend and is still out of town this week celebrating!  She deserves it...she rocked her first half and has already signed up for her second!!!  I love that!!!

My first post for her was about MY first half marathon!  It was fun writing about it and remembering my experience!  I've already told you about this one but in case you missed it you can read it HERE.  

The second post I wrote for her was about staying motivated before and after the race.  I believe you have to stay motivated in order to train for long distances and races.  You can read it HERE.

And my third post went up on Fit Approach!  You know...the organization that I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador for?  They asked me to write about my "aha fitness moment."  So I chose to write about how I became a runner.  You can read it HERE.

I would appreciate all kinds of love on all three of these posts!  You can leave me love here too of course!  ;-)

Don't forget about the Power Plank Challenge and Giveaway!!!  I can't wait to see all of your pictures!!!


  1. Congrats on all of your guest posts! That's a lot of blogging. :) Great job on your run yesterday morning, too! It takes some resolve to get through that heat and humidity.

  2. You are all over the place girlie. Go plank team!

  3. 2 min plank! YOu go girl!!!!!!!! I might hold for like 2 seconds.

    1. Thanks! And it just takes practice...every day lol!




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