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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Skora Running and Sweat Pink Winners!

Workout stats-
Plank a day- ladder plank

Kyle from Skora Running contacted me a few days ago and wanted me to share with you guys all about the new running shoe brand Skora.

Don't these shoes look awesome??!!!
Here's what Skora is all about:
At SKORA, we look at things differently. We believe that running shoes should be built to encourage running performance that is as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference. Our footwear lets people run naturally. Run Real is our philosophy and we stand by it.
I LOVE their philosophy "Run Real!"   I haven't personally tried minimalist running but I love the idea behind it.  It makes a lot of sense...people have been running always and a long time ago they didn't have brands of shoes to choose from...they just ran barefoot.  Hopefully Skora will be my first minimalist shoe to try!  :-)

I also love that these shoes are designed by runners!  In my opinion it is hard to believe in something that you don't do yourself.  

Go check out the website!  They talk about how Skora started and about how they are made...very interesting!!!

I love how these shoes look!  They are so different and unique!  And being a pink girl...I LOVE these!
Make sure to watch this awesome video by Skora!!!  Makes me want to go for a run right now!!!

You can pre-order Skora running shoes now!  They will start shipping them out on August 1st!

We have winners!!!!  These four people have won a pair of sweat pink shoelaces!  Congratulations!!!  I will contact you by email to get your shipping info.  If I haven't contacted you please email me at

  • M. Louise Cunningham!

  • Angela!

  • Laurel C!

  • Erin!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  I read each and every one of your comments and loved hearing what you had to say!!!

QOTD: What are your thoughts on minimalist running?  Have you ever tried it?  If so, what minimalist shoe do you run in?



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