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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekly Chase: New and Past Goals

Sunday's plank a day- 1:00
Today's Plank a day- Ladder Plank

Yesterday I unplugged from the internet and enjoyed a day with family and friends.  We went to my best friend Rhonda's house for a birthday party.  Her niece and my friend Christy's little girl was having her first birthday party!  Look how cute she is!

She LOVED her smash cake!!!

I almost forgot about my plank a day yesterday since I was so busy!  But I remembered and did it really quick in the privacy of Rhonda's bedroom!!!  Lol!  She's gonna laugh when she reads this!!!  Hey I got it done so that's all that matters!!!  :-)

It's time for another Weekly Chase!!!  I look forward to this every week!  I'm so glad Melissa at Live, Love, and Run started the Weekly Chase!  It's so awesome getting so much encouragement and support from all the other bloggers participating!

Here are my goals from last week:
  • Get all of my scheduled runs/workouts in for the week.
  • Do my Bible devotion EVERY day.

How did I do?  As you know, last week was super busy for me due to teaching at Vacation Bible School every night.  So I knew going into it that these goals would be a challenge.  I DID get all of my scheduled runs in but failed to do the strength training.  It was just too hard for me to get to the gym.  I have to go when my hubby is home to watch the boys since my gym doesn't have child care.  And with me gone every night...there just wasn't a time for me to get it in.  And my hubby had to work all day and part of the night Saturday night so that didn't work.  And yesterday, we had church and then went to the birthday party and didn't get home until 9:30PM.  Excuses, excuses I know!  

I didn't do my Bible devotion EVERY day but I only missed ONE day!  So i'm pretty proud of that!  And one of my sweat pink sisters, Molly has become my accountability partner for Bible reading!  So we have texted each other and will hold each other accountable for our reading!  That really helped me get it done this week...knowing Molly and YOU my readers are holding me accountable!  
So since my goals for last week were not 100% successful I am going to keep working on them this week!  

Goal #1: Get all of my scheduled runs/workouts in for the week.  Here's the plan for this week:
  • Two short runs (3-4 miles each) and a 5 mile long run
  • Two strength training workouts (hopefully three)
  • Continue plank a day

Goal #2: Do my Bible devotion EVERY day.  And I mean EVERY day!  I'm not gonna skip a day this week!  And Molly I expect you to hassle me about it if ya have to!  :-)

Goal #3: Do a plank ladder a day. I need some variation in my planks.  Holly at Running and Baking, Oh My has inspired me to do these!  Ladder planks are where you hold a plank for 30 seconds, then 40, then 50, then 60, then 60, 50, 40, and 30 with 30 second breaks in between each one.  So you are planking for about 6 minutes!!!  It's gonna be a challenge for sure!  Strong abs and core here I come!!!

So there are the goals I'm chasing for this week!

QOTD: What are your goals for this week?  Tell me about them in the comments below!  :-)

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  1. I LOVE that you planked in your friend's bedroom! Hey, whatever it takes! Thanks for such a positive, upbeat message today! You have such warmth and enthusiasm! xo

    1. Lol!!! Yes whatever it takes! I'm just glad she didn't walk in on me planking! Awkward! Thanks Ilene!

  2. Don't beat yourself up over not hitting all your marks the first time. It sounds like you made honest attempts and didn't choose to ignore falling short. The nice part about that is you practiced it and now this week you will be better! I'm taking on the ladder plank challenge this week too!

    1. Thanks Sarah! And yay for the ladder planks! We can do it!!!

  3. Hey lady! I love your goals and I am so blessed to be mentioned in your blog! Thank you so much! I am so glad that we are "talking"!

    1. Yay!!! So glad we are talking too! Thanks for keeping me accountable!!! :-)

  4. Good luck with your goals!

    I hope to get all my strength training workouts in and go swimming at the beach!

  5. I have been thinking about trying the plank a day too. I am seeing it everywhere.

  6. Best of luck to you with your goals!

    My goals for this week include 3 days of running and 2 days of walking!

  7. Plank ladders sound like fun (in a crazy, masochistic kind of way). Good luck with your goals!

  8. That tutu is adorable!! If you want some accountability with your plank ladders, I'll definitely play along. :) We could have live plank ladder tweet sessions. Haha.

    Good luck with all of your goals!!

  9. I am going to try a plank a day this week and hopefully throw in some plank ladders too. Good luck with your goals this week!

  10. Plank A Day is one of my goals this week and I hope to throw in a few Plank Ladders too! Great job getting your scheduled runs in! Don't be too hard on yourself about not getting your strength training every night! It looks like you had a very busy week! Good luck with week with your goals!

  11. I'm blessed that you've joined the weekly chase! :D I'm pretty dang proud of you for hitting that plank in your friends room! That's dedication, man!

    And my goals? Oh you know the #1. ;) 13.1 here I come!!! I can't believe it's happening!!!

  12. Great job with your goals! You had a very busy week, so you did great! I hope you love your plank ladders.

  13. That little girl is adorable!

    Good job with your goals from last week, and for this week. Doing my daily devotions has actually been something I want to focus more of my attention's so easy to get into the "I go to church on Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening" as a subliminal excuse, when it's something I still need to be doing every day. I've definitely been convicted of that a lot lately.

  14. The birthday girl was adorable! Love that little outfit! Sounds like last week's goals went really well for you! Kuddos to you on making your devotions a top priority in your life! We should all strive to devote that time to God after all He has done for us. You are inspiring me to be more consistent and faithful in mine as well. I'm going to give those plank ladders a try this week too! Sounds like a fun spin on the traditional plank! Good luck with this week's goals!

  15. I so want to try those plank ladders soon! I've been unfortunately slacking with my bible devotions daily too! My excuses are the baby but he doesn't
    make excuses for us right?!?
    My goal is to read daily, start couch to 5k program next week and strength train 3x
    <3 Sam




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