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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Weekly Chase: Staying on Schedule and Devotions

Workout Stats-
Plank a day- 1 minute planks x 3

Are you wondering how my legs are feeling after yesterday's workout???  OUCH!!!  They are so sore!!!  No pain, no gain, right?

Well it's that time again...The Weekly Chase!

Here are my goals from last week:
  • Do not eat anything after dinner.
  • Do at least two strength training workouts this week.
So how did I do?  Not too bad!  Goal #1 was pretty hard...especially with the holiday.  But for the most part I did pretty well.  I wasn't 100% successful but still better than I have been in the past.  I'm going to keep working on this goal for sure.

Goal #2 was achieved!  I did some strength training for my arms on Thursday and I did strength training for my legs on Sunday.  I'm excited about this because I believe getting stronger will make me a better runner.  My sister Amy has also made a workout plan for me...I do sooo much better with a I'm looking forward to starting that soon!  Thanks Amy!!!

So here are my goals for this week:

Goal #1:  Get all of my scheduled runs/workouts in for the week.  I normally don't have a problem with this but this week I am teaching Vacation Bible School at my church.  It makes for a very busy and very tiring (but fun) week.  I'm hoping by setting this goal I won't be tempted to skip any workouts.  Here are the runs/workouts I have planned:
  • Two short runs (3-4 miles each) and an 8 mile long run
  • Two (three if I can squeeze it in) strength training workouts
  • Continue plank a day
Goal #2:  Do my Bible devotion EVERY day.  I really want to accomplish this!  I do not read my Bible as much as I would like.  Most of the time I just forget...and that is so sad that I am forgetting to spend time with my God!  I am setting a specific time of the day to do this...right before bed because that is when the day is the calmest and I feel I can focus the most.  I want to make it a routine...I can't go to sleep until I've done my devotion!

So there you have it!  I'm ready to chase these goals this week!

QOTD: What are your goals this week?  Comment below!  :-)


  1. My running plan is the same as yours for the week so I've decided you will be my virtual running buddy! So hard to blow off a run when someone else is counting on you showing up :).

    Glad you rocked last week's goals, even with vacation being a distraction. Holidays are so hard!!!

  2. I love your goals - I need time each day to do my readings as well - and it does not take long! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Sarah...I would LOVE to be your virtual running buddy!!! doesn't take long...that's why I'm disappointed in myself for not doing them! :-)

  4. I love these goals too. These can only make us better everything! Larisa

  5. Love the goals! I'm trying to "close the kitchen" after dinner, too. It's really hard!

  6. Yes's one of the hardest goals for me. I'm not hungry but I wanna snack!

  7. I love that you are putting your goals out there. I'm copying your last week's goal.
    2 strength training every week. I cannot just run long and slow all the time.

  8. Love your goals for the week! I would not mind being an accountability partner with you for Bible reading! shoot me a message on FB and I will help you out!

  9. Abby...yay!!! Glad you're gonna join me for some strength training! Molly...YES! I would love an accountability partner! I'll send you a FB message! :-)

  10. Congrats on meeting your weekly goals! I love smaller goals because you feel just as much accomplishment when you reach them as you do when you hit a big goal. Good luck with this week's--you can do it! :)

  11. I really need to work on my devotion time. Even before my running!

  12. Thanks Beth! What are goals if they aren't reachable? Anna...I know what you mean! I focus way more on my running than I should!

  13. I love these goals! We had VBS the week after we got out of school. (I'm a school teacher.) I taught VBS every night and it really was a challenge to just get the kids fed, much less get in a workout! Good for you for making it a goal! Love the devotions goal as well! Time spent in the Word can only have positive results for us and others! Love the blog and glad we're now Sweat Pink Sisters!

  14. Great goals! I need that reminder to spend time in devotions, too. I used to prefer mornings, but it just never happens, so I think I'm going to aim for before bed as well and hopefully have more luck!

  15. You are great! The Bible reading consistently has been a goal of mine! I have been slacking a lot. Still need to work on it like crazy!! So neat looking at others blogs! Mine's been tough since our computer has a virus!! Excited to join the SPA family :)

  16. Good Luck with your goals this week! I don't think I am going to see you this week for morning runs, we need to start at 4:45, so some of us are running @ Starbucks! Looking forward to Saturday though.......Enjoy VBS, we always love VBS!

    Have a great week, I know you will do great on achieving your goals!

  17. Great job on your goals for last week!! I do believe that strength training is an important component for runners. I believe that it helps to make stronger runners for sure. Great goals for this week and good luck!

  18. Nice job. That first goal is a tough one for me. I LOVE dessert. I'm going to rely on you for moral support.

    Keep moving forward!

  19. Girl I'm with you on the devotions...I need to start doing that again. I hate to say I've lost touch with it, but I did. There should be no excuses.

    Great goals, girl! :D




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