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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Baby, You're a Firework!

3 miles/29:18
Average pace- 9:45

Plank a day- 1:17

Met the girls for a run this morning! I was expecting a sluggish run since I ran 3.5 yesterday but nope...this run felt fabulous!!! There were a few hills on the route but they didn't stop me and my friend Kelly! We really pushed it and ran pretty fast for a 3 mile run for me! This run was a great ending to the streak!!! heard me is the last day of the #RWRunStreak!!! I've ran every day for 38 days!!! I cannot believe it!!! 

I feel like a firework here!  I'm so excited!  And yes...I'm celebrating later today with fireworks...oh wait...those aren't for me are they??!!

Here are some pros and cons to streaking (in my opinion).

  • Running every day keeps you motivated
  • You will get faster and stronger
  • You learn how to run on tired legs
  • It's a great way to motivate others
  • It's FUN!!!
  • Your legs are tired
  • For me (since I have to run early in the mornings due to the heat) there's no sleeping late in the mornings
  • Increased risk of injury
So as you can see....there are more pros to cons for streaking!!! 

Me and my friend Paige made a little video this morning that shows my excitement about streaking!

So I challenge YOU to streak...even if it's for only a week...give it a try!!!  If you decide to streak...please leave me a comment below...I would love to keep up with you and your streaking!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! God Bless the USA!!!


  1. I'm on day 10. Yes my legs are tired. I am trying to not push do hard on core days, possibly even only going 1/2 mile those days. Would that count? A 5 minute run? Lol
    On another note, you rocked your 38 days. Why 38?

  2. Larisa, running counts no matter what!!! So yes...1/2 mile is great! Thanks! I did my streak through Runner's World Magazine's Summer were supposed to run at least a mile every day and you started on Memorial Day and ran until July it was 38 days. Weird number I know but I guess they were just doing it so it would start and end on a holiday. Great job so far with your streak!!! Proud of you!!!

  3. I'm a little bit afraid to streak but for no particular reason! I ran yesterday and I'm at the gym today so I'll hop on the treadmill for a mile once I'm done with my weights. Then we will see how it goes!




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