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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend in Atlanta!

A few weekends ago I went to Atlanta with my sister Christy to see "Wicked" on Broadway. We had an amazing time! Here's my weekend in pictures!

Friday afternoon we left and headed to Dothan, AL to my sister Amy's house. Amy was going to watch my niece Ella while Christy and I went to Atlanta. The plan was to stay the night at Amy's and then head to Atlanta the next morning. My sister Amy has three kids of her own and I loved getting to spend a few hours with them as well as with Amy! Her oldest, Alexa, had her first high school dance that night so it was fun seeing her all dressed up and hearing what a fun time she had!

Three sisters...Amy, me, and Christy!

My beautiful niece, Alexa...who is now taller than me!

My nephew Tyler, Christy, and me!

My niece Kyla....who made my hair so beautiful! ;-)

We all stayed up way too late! But I wouldn't trade that time for anything! I don't get to see my sister Amy and my nieces and nephew very often so it was a blessing to have that time with them! 

The next morning I had an early wake up call so I could squeeze in a run before we hit the road for Atlanta. My sister lives out in the country and it was a gorgeous run! I got to watch the sunrise!

I even ran my fastest mile (on my new Garmin so far)! I think my legs liked having a new route to run!

After my run I got showered and dressed and off we went towards Atlanta! 

Luckily it was an uneventful trip. We made it just in time for some lunch. And what did Christy suggest? Pizza! I will never object to that! Christy used to live in Atlanta so we went to one of her favorite pizza joints...Fellini's Pizza! It was so yummy! I got a slice of my traditional pepperoni and mushroom!

Then it was off to do some sight seeing, shopping, and coffee at Christy's favorite coffee shop...San Francisco Coffee Co.! 

I LOVED the views of all the skyscrapers! 

Close to check in time we headed towards our hotel we were staying at for the night...The Georgian Terrace Hotel. The hotel was right across from The Fox Theater where we were going to see "Wicked." The closer we got we started seeing signs advertising the show!

Our hotel was gorgeous! I'm not sure I've ever stayed in such a nice hotel! Christy reserved a one bedroom suite and it was sooo nice! Of course we took lots of pictures! :-)

View outside our many windows!

Waiting on the elevator..this is the view we had!

After getting settled in our room we headed to the rooftop. The pool was on the rooftop as well as a rooftop patio. The view was amazing from up there!

We relaxed in the sunshine for awhile. It was heavenly!

Before long it was time to go back to our suite and get ready for the night! It was fun getting all dressed up!

We were able to walk to the Italian restaurant where we had dinner plans...Baraonda! We were seated out on the patio. The atmosphere was amazing! 

I got a chicken dish that was delicious! I tried to eat it all but got too full!

After dinner it was time to head over to The Fox Theater. was just a short walk since the theater was directly across the street from our hotel. 

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the theater. But I will say that the show was AMAZING!!! I loved every minute of it! I would go see it again in a heartbeat!

After the show we walked across the street to our hotel. We were both so tired from the late night the night before and the early wake up that we went straight to sleep. Yes...we are party animals lol!

The next morning we slept in...yay! Then we checked out of our hotel and drove to Piedmont Park so I could get in my run. I LOVED running there and seeing the skyline as I ran! But it was hilly! :-)

After my run we headed to the coffee shop for some breakfast. I got a yummy coffee and blueberry muffin! It was so good! was time to head out. Our fun weekend in Atlanta had come to an end. I had such a blast and am so thankful to my sister for the invite! It was an amazing weekend that I will always remember!

QOTD: Have you ever seen a show on Broadway?



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