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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Weekly Chase #116!

Happy Monday! I can't believe that March is already over! It seems like it just flew by! I know I say this at the beginning of every new month. I must be getting old because time is going by faster and faster these days lol!

I had such a great weekend! Friday night the boys had a birthday party. It was a painting party and they painted their names on canvas. They are so cute and I can't wait to hang them in their bedrooms!

Saturday morning I ran the Azalea Trail Run 10K! And...I PRed!!!! I will have a recap of the race up on Wednesday!

The rest of the day was spent at the campground. It was the Cub Scouts family campout. I drove up after the race and brought the boys lunch. It was the perfect day! It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze. It actually got a little chilly. But the boys had a blast! That night we had a pack meeting by the campfire. Then I headed home and Andy and the boys stayed and camped.

The next morning, with the family still at the campground, I had time to get in a 5K. It was a great recovery run! And the morning was just beautiful!

Later that afternoon we met friends for a picnic. It was hard to stay inside on such a beautiful day! Spring time here on the Gulf Coast is the perfect time for picnics! :-)

Now it's time for the Weekly Chase! It's a new week and I have new goals to achieve! I hope you will link up your own goals with me too! And feel free to use the badge below in your post too! You can grab the badge HERE! :-)

Road Runner Girl

Here are my goals from last week!

  • Goal #1: Run every day! Yes! I had great runs this week! And a PR at my race was icing on the cake! ;-) 
  • Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. Yes! I did great with this!
  • Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. 90%. I didn't log all my food on Saturday while at the campground. But I didn't worry too much about it since I had tons of extra calories from my race. 
  • Goal #4: Shop for Easter. 95%. I got most of my shopping done! I have a few more things to get but for the most part I'm done!
  • Goal #5: Set up my next DietBet game. Yes! The game is all set up and ready for you to join in and play! Here's the link: It starts Aoril 13th! 

Here are my goals for this week!

Goal #1: Run every day! Still plan to streak this week! And on Saturday I'll be in New Orleans running the Crescent City Classic 10K! I can't wait!

Goal #2: Roll, stretch, and ice daily. Still dealing with some hip tightness so this is a must this week.

Goal #3: Maintain my weight by logging my calories. Gotta log it so I am accountable for what I am eating.

Goal #4: Pack for my race this weekend. I'm leaving on Friday so I need to be all packed before then. I hate packing and always procrastinate lol!

Goal #5: Get my April calendar completed for work. I send out a calendar to my parents at the beginning of each month so they know what their child will be doing at school each day. I've got to get this done since April 1st is on Wednesday.

Goal #6: Shop for Easter snacks on Wednesday at school. We are having an Easter Egg Hunt at school this week and I'm providing a special snack for my class. Got to shop for it first! ;-)

So that's the plan for this week. I hope you have a successful week too!

QOTD: What are your goals this week?



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